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Dave Rogge-Oct 8 Videos


A busy week for the Chelan Goats as they prepare
for more tough competition....

Dave Rogge offers these two video reports:



After a tough, disappointing loss in Peshastin to the Cascade Kodiaks, the Chelan Goats returned to a focus of fundamentals as pointed out by Coach Talley. 

GoLakeChelan's Dave Rogge took timeout to observe some of practice and brought you some examples of the type of drills the players stressed this week as they prepared for the Okanogan Bulldogs at home. 

Both teams a 3-1 win/loss record into the game with the winner getting a solid hold on the third spot in the playoffs at mid season.  Hear what Coach Talley has to say about the upcoming game and the type of week the players have had at practice.


Chelan Lady Goats Continue their winning ways in 3 game win at Cashmere. 
Golakechelan's Dave Rogge wandering into the Lady Goats Volleyball Practice as they prepared for a tough match against the Okanogan Lady Bulldogs in Okanogan on Thursday. 

I spoke with Coach Hendricks about the Cashmere match and what she expects in the match in Okanogan.  Hear her comments:

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