08-09 Chelan Sports

Chelan-Brewster Video Report

Chelan Goats
Dispose of Brewster Bears
62-0 in Brewster

By Dave Rogge
Defense was the order of the night as the Chelan Goats systematically shutdown the Brewster Bears offense and trampled their defense infront of their home crowd on Homecoming. 

Everyone on the team had the opportunity to contribute from the largest Courtney to Garrett Gabriel, all 5'0", 100 lbs of him.  When you talk about heart you just have to watch Garrett Gabriel strap on his helmet and race out onto the field when Coach Talley calls on number "3". 

Our GoLakeChelan video camera was able to get a shot of Gabriel along side some of the larger members his team as they were acknowledging his contribution in the game.
Here Coach Talley share his perspective on well the entire team played and how much fun it is to watch a game film when you get to tell eveyone what a great job they did. 

He also shares a bit about this weeks preparation for Omak and Chelan's Homecoming

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