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At 215 pounds, Sean Gervais is on a wrestling mission this year and that mission is to take first at the State Tournament in January. Sean is seen in this image pinning Okanogan’s Jose Aparicio in the first one minute of his match.


Chelan wrestlers roll over Okanogan 71-0

By Richard Uhlhorn


The young Okanogan Bulldogs were not bullish on Thursday evening, December 11, as the

Chelan Goat showed no mercy on the wrestling mat taking away a  35-0 (71-0 overall with forfeits) team win in this CTL match. It makes them 2-0 in League.


“These guys came out to wrestle tonight,” said Coach Jay McGuffin. “They kept up pressure on their opponents and finished the job.”


A number of our wrestlers sat on the sidelines after Okanogan forfeited 125, 130, 135, 171 and the 189 pound matches.


Chelan came on very strong winning four of its matches by pin. Tyler Allen scored a 15-0 win over his opponent Ethan Colbert. At 160 pounds, freshman Cole Schwartz defeated Jordon Stratton 9-4 and heavyweight Doug Ramsey defeated Alex Sandoval 6-3 in a match that seemed more like a “lets shove the opponent out of bounds.” The referee gave Ramsey three points because he felt that Sandoval was sandbagging. Ramsey finally got his take down in the third round.


Cole Soreano (171 lbs.) who is wrestling for the first year in three or four, took on Donovan Nysti in an exhibition match and showed just how tough he is going to be this year by pinning Nysti early in the second round.


Winning by pin on Thursday night were Jose Lopez, 119 lbs.; Gage Schmidt, 140 lbs.; Jose Garcia, 145 lbs.; and Sean Gervais, 215 lbs.


The team is wrestling at the Connell Invitational this weekend after taking fourth place at the Deer Park Tournament over 16 teams including many 2A to 4A schools.


“It’s a long, long season,” said Coach McGuffin. “We are just going to focus on getting better as the season goes on. Right now we are focused on conditioning.” Conditioning goes a long way in the sport of wrestling because those six minutes on the mat can be grueling and very hard if a wrestler is not in shape.


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