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Jose Garcia makes an attempt to score against the Brewster Bears on Saturday. The Goats lost after two sudden death periods and a shoot out.








Tough loss to Brewster denies Chelan 1st place in CTL

First state playoff game in Chelan this Tuesday at 5 p.m.

by Richard Uhlhorn


Wow... I've never been much of a soccer fan, but I have to tell you. The game took on new meaning for me after watching the Chelan Goats battle it out with the Brewster Bears for first place in the Caribou Trail League.


Chelan ended up losing this tough, well played game 3-2 in a shoot out after both teams were unable to break the 2-2 tie at the end of two five-minute sudden death periods.


Come cheer on the Chelan Soccer Team in State Playoff Action

Chelan vs Wahluke

Tuesday, May 19, at 5 p.m.

Chelan Football Field


The Bears scored first followed by an incredible goal by Garrett Oatey with 6:30 remaining to play in the first period to tie the game at 1-all. He was ably assisted by Jose Garcia in that goal.


With 31 minutes remaining in the second period of play, Sam Torres scored Chelan's second goal with another assist by Jose Garcia. Julio Juarez brought the ball down field with three defenders trying to get the ball back.


With 26 minutes remaining, Brewster tied the game again at 2-all and that is the way regulation play ended.


Both teams are incredibly talented and this game could have gone either way. When you get to a shoot out, however, it is tough for a goalie to protect against. Tyler Clark and Brewster's goalie both did excellent jobs protecting numerous shots on goal.


With the loss, Chelan is the second seed to the State Tournament from District 6/7 and will play their first game at home (Chelan Football Field) this Tuesday, May 19, at 5 p.m. against Wahluke.


If you enjoy sitting around on a cold fall evening watching the Chelan Goat Football Team, you will really enjoy coming out and watching Chelan's 11 seniors play their first State Playoff game this Tuesday.


Chelan beat Cashmere 3-2 in the second round of district play to get to Brewster.


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