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Jose Garcia continues to be an offensive threat on the Chelan Soccer Team.  (File Photo)


Chelan and Manson battle to a soccer tie 2-2

by Richard Uhlhorn (as reported by asst. coach Jim Broome)


Chelan Boys played Manson Boys at Manson High School on April 28 and found themselves in a very competitive match.


Chelan started the scoring with a goal by Jose Garcia in the 18th minute of the game.  Manson got on the offensive and tied the game in the 30th minute. 


Chelan's Jose Garcia scored his second goal nine minutes later to give Chelan the lead again.


Five minutes into the second half, Manson tied the game again.  The game ended in 2-2 tie.


Chelan Boys played Cashmere in Cashmere on Saturday, April 25, with both teams playing a tough, physical game.


Chelan came out on top of this match beating Cashmere 5-2. 


At the end of the first half the game was tied 1-1.Cashmere scored first in the 25th minute. Sam Torres tied the game in the 36th minute with his first goal of the game. 


Chelan came into the second half and took control of the game. Chelan's Julio Juarez scored two goals, in the 39th and 54th minutes and Sam Torres scored his second goal in the 63rd minute.


Jose Garcia added Chelan's last goal in the 65th minute. Cashmere scored their second goal in the 74th minute of the game.


Chelan played Tonasket on Thursday, April 30, but the results of that game are not in yet. Chelan will travel to Leavenworth to take on the Cascade Kodiaks Saturday..


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