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Fullback Cole Soreano scampered for 131 yards on 18 carries to help the Chelan Goats defeat Lakeside 35-10 on Saturday, November 8. Soreano had two touchdowns and was
just as effective on the defensive side of the line.


Chelan extends football season

Next up… No. 1 ranked Royal

By Richard Uhlhorn


It was a perfect afternoon for a football game and the Chelan Goats were up and running early against the Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls) Eagles scoring their first touchdown on a short 15 yard pass play by Quarterback Joe Harris to Julio Juarez. During the game, Harris passed for 100 yards.


Less than four minutes later, after Chelan shut down Lakeside’s offensive drive, Derrick Talley broke for a 76 yard touchdown run down the sidelines. Juarez was successful on both point after kicks.


Lakeside finally put together a decent offensive drive towards the end of the first quarter, but Chelan held them from scoring on a touchdown. The Eagles were able to kick a field goal to get on the scoreboard, 14-3.


Dave Rogge
Chats With Key Players
After The Game

Early in the second quarter, Lakeside recovered a Talley fumble but were unable to do anything offensively with the opportunity.


Disaster hit the Goats with 5:42 remaining in the second quarter when Talley went down with an ankle injury. The injury was severe enough to keep him out of the game. “He’s fine in a straight line, but any lateral movement causes a lot of pain in the ankle,” said one coach.


Fullback Cole Soreano scored Chelan’s third TD with 5:25 remaining to play in the third quarter and then scored again with 8:09 remaining in the fourth quarter to give Chelan a comfortable lead 28-3.


Julio Juarez came up with an interception in the fourth on the 40 yard line, but Chelan was unable to anything offensively. Lakeside scored its only TD with 5:06 remaining in the game, but Chelan answered on a Matt Pittsinger touchdown with 2:33 remaining in the game to cap a great win for the Goats.


“Everybody carried their weight,” said Coach Talley. “Other than Derrick’s injury, I’m very happy with the outcome… happy for the kids.”


He lauded Greg Schultz’s efforts on the field and remarked that he really enjoyed the effort put in by Matt Peterson who replaced Talley after the injury. “I wouldn’t be afraid to put him in at any time.”


Defensively, Chelan was very tough on Saturday, tying up their opponents and never letting them get their offense running. Derrick Talley and Julio Juarez take out a Lakeside running back.


In the locker room, Coach Talley told the players, “It’s not about one guy… its about the team.”


Chelan will travel to Royal to take on the No. 1 ranked 1A team in the state next Saturday, November 15. GoLakeChelan will be on hand to cover the action.


For the 1A WIAA bracket, go here:





Chelan               14     0      7     14   -  35

Lakeside              3     0      0       7   -  10


Scoring Summary:

                1st QTR – Chelan (10:12) Julio Juarez, 15 yd pass from Joe Harris

                                                (  6:41) Derrick Talley,. 76 yard run

                                    Lkside (1:51)  Casey Duckos, 22 yard field goal

                3rd QTR – Chelan (5:25) Cole Soreano, 5 yard run

                4th QTR – Chelan (8:09) Cole Soreano, 3 yard run

                                    Lkside (5:06) Eric Van Miter, 12 yard pass from Brady.

                                    Chelan (2:33 Matt Pittsinger, 8 yard run

                                    (Julio Juarez was successful on all point after kicks



                Greg Schultz – 11/52 yards rushing, 2/58 yards pass receptions

                Davey Anderson – 1/7 yards pass reception

                Julio Juarez – 2/34 yards pass receptions

                Joe Harris – 4/26 yards, 5/9 passing for 99 total yards

                Matt Pittsinger – 3/11 rushing

                Derrick Talely – 4/120 rushing

                Matt Peterson – 3/21 rushing

                Cole Soreano – 17/121 rushing

                Adam Hendricks – 1/11 rushing



                Greg Schultz – 3 tackles, 2 assists for 5 total

                Davey Anderson – 3 tackles, 3 assists for 6 total

                Julio Juarez – 3 tackles, 1 assist for 4

                Joe Harris – 4 tackles, 1 assist for 5

                Robin Weathersby – 1 tackle

                Matt Pittsinger – 2 tackles, 1 assist for 3

                Derrick Talley – 2 tackles, 1 assist for 3

                Rhett Bearueguard – 1 tackle

                Cole Soreano – 7 tackles

                Gage Schmidt – 1 tackle, 1 assist for 2

                Jaime Guerrero – 2 tackles, 1 assist for 3

                Sean Gervais – 3 tackles, 2 assist for 5

                Reece McClelland – 2 tackles

                Ryan Sargent – 1 sack

                Will Nielsen  - 2 tackles, 3 assists for 5

                Doug Ramsey – 2 tackles, 1 assist for 3

                Gary Morgan – 2 assists, 1 sack

                Brooks Gatzemeier – 1 tackle


Special Teams:

                Greg Schultz – 3 yard Punt Return, 1 56 yard kick off return

                Julio Juarez – 6/315 kick off yards

                Jaime Guerrero – 34 yard punt.



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