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Fullback Cole Soreano rushed for 124 yards during the Cashmere game.


The shoe stays in Cashmere

Goats play incredible game against #2 ranked Cashmere

By Richard Uhlhorn (All photos by Tracy Williams)


The Chelan Goats certainly scared the No. 2 ranked Cashmere Bulldogs early in their game last Thursday evening in Cashmere when they came out and scored three straight touchdowns before Cashmere could regroup and score a touchdown. Chelan went to the locker room at half time with a nice lead of 21-9.


In the second half, Cashmere made some adjustments and came up three straight touchdowns to take the lead 31-21 before Chelan’s Derrick Talley collected a 73-yard pass from QB Joe Harris to come within a field goal of tying the game.


Cashmere responded early in the fourth quarter of play on a 54 yard rushing touchdown to put the final score on the board giving the Bulldogs a 38-28 lead over the Goats. Neither team could score for the rest of the fourth quarter which is a testament to both of their defenses. “If Cashmere and we win our next two games, we will meet again in the quarter final playoff game,” said Coach Talley.


Offensively, Chelan had a great first half with Cole Soreano running the ball up the middle for a game ending 124 yards of rushing. Derrick Talley and Greg Schultz ran well to the outside with Talley rushing for 77 yards and Schultz rushing for 12 yards and catching three passes for another 27 yards from Harris. Talley had 87 yards of pass receptions with one 73 yard reception that scored Chelan’s final touchdown. Harris was throwing the ball with authority. Julio Juarez had a 16 yard reception to run out Chelan’s passing game.


“Our line of scrimmage just flat got after Cashmere in that first half,” stated Talley. “We really wanted to prove we could  play a great team like Cashmere.” Chelan was unable to sustain its defensive intensity into the second half and allowed Cashmere back into the game.


Some penalties and a turn over kept Chelan from regaining the momentum they had in the first half. Up to this game, Cashmere’s defense had only allowed 29 points to their first seven opponents. “For us to score 28 points on them is a great compliment to our offense,” said Talley.


“efensively our team played excellent football in the first half holding an explosive Cashmere offense to just 9 points,” said Talley. “Cashmere has averaged 47 points per game offensively coming into this game in their first seven games of the season.”


Derrick Talley had 12 tackles and a ball knock down while Gage Schmidt came up with eight tackles and a sack and a half. Greg Schultz had nine tackles and a ball knockdown. Joe Harris had eight tackles with Cole Soreano nailing seven tackles.


In the middle of the defensive line, it was Sean Gervais and Davey Anderson with six and five tackles each followed by Reece McClelland with four tackles and the other half of that sack with Schmidt. Alby Paz finished the game with four tackles. “Coach Snyder put together a great plan to give our kids the best chance against a well balanced Cashmere offense.”


Chelan’s special teams did their job too. Julio Juarez was a perfect 4-for-4 on Point After Kicks. Jaime Guerrero had a great punting evening and the team’s kickoff and punt coverage held Cashmere’s explosive return game in check. “It was a great night for all our special team players,” stated Talley.


Chelan will play the second place team from the NEA Spokane League - Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls) at 1:00 pm on Saturday, November 8, at Moses Lake High School.  The winner will take on either NO. 1 ranked Royal or Goldendale in the first round of the playoffs. 




Chelan          14      7      7      0     -     28

Cashmere       0      9    22      7     -     38


Scoring Summary:

1st Quarter     Chelan 8:36 – Derrick Talley, 14 yard pass from QB Joe Harris

                        Chelan :48 – Joe Harris, 1 yard run

                2nd Quarter     Chelan 8:36 – Talley, 7 yard run

                                      Cashmere 6:22 – Chris Ruether, 22 yard run

                                      Cashmere 2:42 – Safety, punt snap through end zone.

                3rd Quarter     Cashmere 6:43 – Ruether, 4 yard pass from Derek Todd

                                       Cashmere 2:50 – Derek todd, 47 yard run

                                       Cashmere :42 – Furtunato Placenia, 6 yard run

                                         Chelan            - Talley, 73 yard pass play from Harris

                4th Quarter      Cashmere 11:38 – Trevor Davis, 54 yard run


Chelan Offense:

                Greg Schultz          – 12 yards rushing, 27 yards pass receive.

                Julio Juarez            – 16 yards pass receive

                Joe Harris              – 20 yards rushing, 6/12 for 130 yards passing

                Derrick Talley       – 77 yards rushing, 87 yards pass receive

                Cole Soreano        – 124 yards rushing



                Schultz                   - 4 tackles, 3 assists – 7 total

                Davey Anderson - 5 tackles,                - 5 total

                Joe Harris              - 6 tackles 1 assist    -  7 total

                Matt Pittsinger     - 1 tackle

                Derrick Talley       - 7 tackles, 5 assists – 12 total

                Rhett Beauregard – 1 tackle

                Cole Soreano        - 4 tackles, 3 assists – 7 total

                Gage Schmidt        - 3 tackles, 4 assists – 7 total

                Adam Hendricks – 1 tackle

                Alby Pax                - 3 tackles, 1 assist – 4 total

                Sean Gervais         - 3 tackles, 3 assist – 6 total

                Reece McClelland – 4 tackles

                Will Nielson          - 3 tackles

                Dave Ramsey        - 2 tackles, 2 assists – 4 total

                Colter Courtney    - 1 tackle


Special Teams:

                Greg Schultz          - 40 yard KO return

                Derrick Talley       - 50 yard KO return

                Julio Juarez            - 60 yard KO kick

                Jaime Guerrero      - 58 yard Punt.


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