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Chelan’s front line protected Quarterback Joe Harris all night against the Brewster Bears. (File Photo by Richard Uhlhorn)


Chelan continues roll towards football playoffs        

By Richard Uhlhorn


Chelan’s huge win over the Brewster Bears was predicted by many football fans. Brewster is still trying to reload after losing a ton of seniors last year. Be that as it may be, Chelan used the game to allow everyone to play. “Our young kids got the most varsity time of the year and took advantage of those moments while in the game,” said Coach Darren Talley.


Chelan Goat Homecoming

Friday, October 24

7 p.m.


Click Here For More OptionsChelan opened its first offensive with a 36-yard touchdown by Derrick Talley who was lead down the field by Doug Ramsey. Julio Juarez kicked the point after and Chelan was on its way to an impressive win. The second TD came from a Joe Harris pass to Davey Anderson in the end zone for a 27 yard pass reception. Juarez added the extra point and Chelan was up 14-0.


The second quarter of play had Talley scoring first on a 27 yard run with great blocking from the front line. Joe Harris was next into the end zone on a 12 yard run through a nice hole opened up by the line again. Then it was fullback Cole Soreano scoring from 14 yards out, bulling his way over a few Brewster defenders on this way.


Greg Schultz ran the opening kickoff in the third quarter back 84 yards for another touchdown and Talley scored one more time with a 13 yard rushing TD early in the third quarter. All of Juarez point after kicks were good.


In the fourth quarter, Chelan’s younger players played exceptional football on a night where nothing was going wrong for Chelan and everything was going wrong for Brewster’s young team. Cristian Krumbah took the pigskin in from 20 yards for Chelan’s last rushing TD on the evening. A two point conversion try failed just short of the goal line.


“We commend the young Bears team for their effort, and I commend our players for giving their all and getting better this week,” said Coach Talley.


Defensively, Talley says this game was the team’s best effort of the season. “We executed much better than the week before, but we still have to take ourselves a step higher in the next several weeks.”


Leading tackler was Greg Schultz with seven and one fumble recovery for a touchdown.

Davey Anderson not only scored a touchdown with his past reception, but he added seven tackles and some great offensive and defensive play to the line. Matt Pittsinger, Alby Paz and Doug Ramsey all had six tackles each. Sean Gervais added five with Rhett Beauregard and Reece McClelland had four tackles with Derrick Talley and Gary Morgan getting two tackles each. Will Nielsen had two and Cole Soreano, Gage Schmidt, Jaime Guerrero, Adam Hendricks, Jose Aparicio, Quin Courtney, and Arron McQuaid all had one with Schmidt sacking the quarterback and Aparicio forcing one fumble.

Robin Weathersby had a beautiful interception and run back.  “Everyone played tonight and carried out their assignments until the whistle blew, holding Brewster to just 72 yards total offense.” 


The special teams were also up to the task against Brewster and were perfect. Julio Juarez was 8 for 8 on point after kicks and Jaime Guerrero never had to punt on Friday. “Our kick off coverage is taking great pride in racing each other down the field to tackle.”


Omak will be in town on Friday night which Coach Darren Talley says will be a tough game. Friday is also homecoming for the Chelan Goats. Get out and watch this great Chelan football team play the Pioneers.




Chelan     -     21     21     14      6     =    62

Brewster  -       0       0       0      0     =      0


Scoring summary:

                                                           1st Quarter

Chelan (9:55) – Derrick Talley, 34 yard run (Julio Juarez kick)

                Chelan (9:13) – Greg Schultz, fumble recovery in the end zone (Juarez kick)

                Chelan (1:03) – Dave Anderson, 27 yd pass from Joe Harris (Juarez kick)

                                                          2nd Quarter

                Chelan (10:33) – Talley, 32 yad run (Juarez kick)

                Chelan (4:46) – Joe Harris, 12 yard run (Juarez kick)

                Chelan (1:17) – Cole Soreano, 14 yard run (Juarez kick

                                                          3rd Quarter

                Chelan (11:46) – Schultz, 84 yard kickoff return (Juarez kicl

                Chelan (8:14) – Talley, 13 yard run (Juarez kick)

                                                          4th Quarter

                Chelan (0:10) – Cristian Krumbah, 20 yard run (conversion failied.)



                Greg Schultz – 33 yards rushing

                Davey Anderson – 27 yards receiving

                Evan Reister – 5 yards rushing

                Julio Juarez – 37 yards receiving

                Joe Harris – 14 yards rushing, 2/3 passing, 64 yards

                Cristian Krumbab – 20 yards rushing

                Matt Pittsinger – 16 yards rushing

                Derrick Talley – 150 yards rushing

                Matt Peterson – 26 yards rushing

                Cole Soreano – 35 yards rushing

                Gage Schmidt – 20 yards rushing

                Alby Paz – 35 yards rushing



                Greg Schultz – 6 tackles, 1 assist

                Davey Anderson – 4 tackles, 3 assists

                Julio Juarez – 1 tackle, 1 assist

                Robin Weatehersby –

                Matt Pittsinger – 4 tackles, 3 assists

                Derrick Talley – 2 tackles, 3 assists

                Rhett Beauregard – 2 tackles, 2 assists

                Cole Soreano – 1 tackle

                Gage Schmidt – 1 QB sack

                Jaime Guerrero – 1 tackle

                Adam Hendricks – 1 tackle

                Alby Paz – 3 tackles, 3 assists

                Sean Gervais – 4 tackles, 1 assist

                Reece McClellan – 3 tackles, 1 assist

                Jose Aparicia – 1 assist

                Will Nielsen – 1 tackle, 1 assist

                Doug Ramsey – 4 tackles, 2 assists

                Quin Courtnery – 1 tackle

                Gary Morgan – 3 tackles

                Kailen Swensen – 1 tackle

                Aaron McQuaid – 1 tackle


Special Teams:

                Greg Schultz – 84 yard kickoff return

                Derrick Talley – 17 yard punt return

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