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Note: This week's report is JAM PACKED with goodies as you will see when you scroll down.

First we have the photo-story from Richard Uhlhorn, and it's accompanied by a dozen award winning still photos from Tracy Williams.

Then in addition - we have a very special Game Video with Dave Rogge - a chat with the Band (Director and students), Players, and much more.....


And then at the bottom of this page - An incredible You-Tube creation by Derick Talley,

It shows you so clearly just how and why this young man is such an important member of the Chelan Goat team. You don't have to be a goat fan to be a fan of this video.
Congrats to Derick's - Nice job!   Be sure to scroll all the way down and taket it in too.



Derrick Talley gets some protection while running the ball against Okanogan last Friday night.


Chelan Goats victorious over Okanogan 34-7

By Richard Uhlhorn (as reported by Coach Darren Talley)

Photos by Tracy Williams


Okanogan kicked off with a pooch drop kick and recovered the football to begin Friday night’s game against the resilient Chelan Goats. “It was a weird start to the game for us, but it got our motor running,” reports Coach Darren Talley. Okanogan scored on its first possession and Chelan found itself down 0-7 right off the bat. “We knew coming into this game that Okanogan was a much improved team, but until you play someone, it’s very hard to tell just how much. They will surprise some teams this year.”


Talley reported that the Goats didn’t produce a lot of offense in the first or third quarter and that Okanogan controlled the ball and clock very well. “When we did have the ball, we got after it… much improved from last week.”


Derrick Talley, Greg Schultz, Cole Soreano, Gage Schmidt, Joe Harris, and Alby Paz rushed 31 times for 261 yards and an 8.41 yard per carry average which culminated in two rushing touchdowns. 


Joe Harris completed four passes to Greg Schultz, Derrick Talley, Julio Juarez for 132 yards, which translated to 33 yards per catch, two touchdowns, and one 2 point conversion.


“Our running game is getting more and more things right on the line of scrimmage each week, and our running backs are taking every advantage of great blocking up front by the big guys.  Our big guys are taking a lot of pride in really working up field as hard as they can and it's showing in some of the holes they are creating.”


“Defensively we bent a couple of times, but we didn't break,” said Talley. The team was able to hold Okanogan to just seven points on the night. 


Defensively, Derrick Talley led the team with 11 tackles and three ball knock downs deep in the secondary.  Davey Anderson has been our mainstay at inside linebacker.  He had nine tackles with a crucial interception that stopped a potential Okanogan score in their end zone. 


Cole Soreano had a great night with eight tackles from his strong safety position.  In the secondary, Greg Schultz had a super night with seven tackles and one ball knock down. 


Joe Harris, Brooks Gatzemeier, and Julio Juarez shared time in the secondary also and all were fiveutstanding (Joe 5 tackles and one ball knock down, Brooks had four solo tackles, Julio had three tackles and one fumble recovery for a touchdown). 


On our defensive line Gary Morgan's continue unrelenting hard work paid off against Okanogan in a big way.  He had four tackles, and one quarterback sack for a huge loss.  His work in the off season running and lifting has made him into one of the best defensive lineman in our league. Reece McClelland, Gage Schmidt, Jaime Guerrero, and Rhett Beauregard's pressure on Okanogan’s quarterback made it tough for him to stand and throw. He had to throw on the run and off his back foot much of the night.


Our special teams had a great night. Julio Juarez kicked the heck out of the ball all night.  He and Jaime have terrifically strong legs and it shows went they are called upon. We have great confidence in their abilities at any point in the game. Our kick off coverage was excellent, with some amazing speed and aggressiveness by our guys to be the first to the tackle. 


“Overall I'm very happy with the total effort in all phases of the game.  Do we have things still to improve on?  Yes, and we talked about those in Saturday mornings film session.”


Be Sure & Scroll Down & Enjoy
Our Story Photos & Videos Below

Chelan Goats take it to Okanogan 34-7 and everyone had fun!
By Dave Rogge:
Its not just the football team who gets to have fun on Friday Nights!!  Many local community members get into the act as you will see in our report from Sargent Field.  The fun began with the Chelan Goats bouncing back in a big way against the Okanogan Bulldogs 34-7.  This victory gives Chelan a solid hold on 3rd place in the Caribou Trail League (CTL) and looking to gain ground on Cashmere when they meet later in the season and most certainly post-season play.  

 Additionally you will see as Golakechelan's Dave Rogge presents you with some of the other people and programs that work to bring us the Friday Night Fun!

Our roving video camera caught up with Band Director Steve Burdick and the band.  Mr. Burdick shared with us what he and his band members do to prepare for the an upcoming home game. 

At halftime our community had and opportunity to watch our youth as the Junior Cheerleaders, under the leadership of the high school cheerleaders, cheered for the two of the bantam football teams from the youth football league playing against one another.

You get the opportunity to see some of the action from each quarter as well as recaps of the action.  Watch as Golakechelan brings you interviews from several of the key players of the game.  One of those key performers was Derrick Talley who was selected as Wenatchee World's Player of the Game.  And a final wrap up provided to you by Golakechelan's own Dave Rogge
So watch and enjoy as we share with you how everyone gets involved in having some of that "Friday Night Fun!"

And Below Still Photos By Tracy Williams 

Click On Photos To View Enlargement

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IMG_4505Batch.jpg IMG_4529Batch.jpg
IMG_4538Batch.jpg IMG_4550Batch.jpg


And From YOU-TUBE We Found This Video Compilation
Of The Incredible Talents Of
Chelan's #24 - Derrick Talley

This Is An Outstanding Creation


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