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Both the Chelan Boys and Girls Cross-Country Teams won their respective races
at the
Lake Chelan Municipal Golf Course to win the Caribou Trail League Championships.


Chelan Goats win the CTL XC Championships

By Richard Uhlhorn


In cross-country it is all a numbers game and where the individual runners place overall that determines the team winners. Yesterday, Thursday, October 23, on a perfect day for running, the Goats and Lady Goats both captured this yearís Caribou Trail League Team Championships. The Lady Goats are repeat winners having won the championship last year also. The boys placed third last year, so elevated themselves to the number one position.


In the girls varsity race, Gabby Guillen was challenged on the 3.1 mile course by her Lake Roosevelt challenger and it wasnít until the final run up hill that Gabby pulled away for good and coming down the side, opened a substantial lead to take first place in 17:48.


The rest of the Lady Goats ran great races to complete the team win with Lyndsey Fox placing fourth in 18:53, followed by Mari Schramm in fifth place with a 19:03. Madi Knaub and Cody Knaub ran 13th and 14th respectively with Mirell Carreon and Sara Waskewitz running 16th and 17th.


On the boys side it was senior Chase Anderson finishing in third place with a 15:36 time on the course. ďHe isnít having his best day,Ē said Coach Mark Anderson. It was good enough to lead the Goats to the team victory with Raven Berman placing a solid fifth place with a time of 15:53 and Cyrus Desmarais placing sixth place in a time of 16:08. Niles Desmarais was 11th followed by Tyler Clark in 13th place. Jorge Maldonado was 23rd and Jorge Maldonado was 24th.


Over on the JV side the young girls came in first, second, third, fifth and seventh to win that race. (see results below.)


The JV boys were lead to the finish line by Hank Burton who ran a respectable 17:35 for first place. He was followed by Ian Wyant in second place with a time of 17:46. (See results below.)


On Saturday, November 1, the two teams will head to the District VI Championships at Walla Walla State Park in Wenatchee. Time will be announced later.



Girls Varsity

Gaby Guillen 17:48-1st place

Lyndsey Fox 18:53-4th place

Mari Schramm 19:03-5th place

Madi Knaub 20:06-13th place

Cody Knaub 20:15-14th place

Mirella Carreon 20:25-16th place

Sara Waskewitz 20:26-17th place

The girls team won the league championship team title.  Gaby Guillen won the girls individual league championship title.


Boys Varsity

Chase Anderson 15:36-3rd place

Raven Berman 15:53-5th place

Cyrus Desmarais 16:08-6th place

Niles Desmarais 16:22-11th place

Tyler Clark 16:46-13th place

Jorge Maldonado 17:45-23rd place

Jessie Shockley 18:06-24th place

The boys team won the league championship team title.


Girls JV

Kari Clausen 20:40-1st place

Solin Castro 21:33-2nd place

Alicia Dodge 23:22-3rd place

Kyra Wyant 24:17-5th place

Madison Cogswell 26:27-7th place


Boys JV

Hank Burton 17:35-1st place

Ian Wyant 17:46-2nd place

Jake Ryan 18:07-3rd place

Josiah Hunter 19:20-5th place

Wes Field 21:18-11th place


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000IMG_9695.jpg 001IMG_9464.jpg
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004IMG_9469.jpg 005IMG_9472.jpg
006IMG_9473.jpg 0070IMG_9649.jpg
007IMG_9474.jpg 008IMG_9478.jpg
009IMG_9481.jpg 010IMG_9490.jpg
011IMG_9493.jpg 012IMG_9495.jpg
013IMG_9498.jpg 014IMG_9500.jpg
015IMG_9509.jpg 016IMG_9512.jpg
017IMG_9514.jpg 018IMG_9519.jpg
019IMG_9521.jpg 020IMG_9522.jpg
021IMG_9523.jpg 022IMG_9524.jpg
023IMG_9526.jpg 024IMG_9528.jpg
025IMG_9533.jpg 026IMG_9534.jpg
027IMG_9535.jpg 028IMG_9536.jpg
029IMG_9537.jpg 030IMG_9539.jpg
031IMG_9543.jpg 032IMG_9552.jpg
033IMG_9553.jpg 034IMG_9554.jpg
035IMG_9556.jpg 036IMG_9558.jpg
037IMG_9560.jpg 038IMG_9562.jpg
039IMG_9564.jpg 040IMG_9566.jpg
041IMG_9570.jpg 042IMG_9574.jpg
043IMG_9576.jpg 044IMG_9577.jpg
045IMG_9594.jpg 046IMG_9599.jpg
047IMG_9603.jpg 048IMG_9604.jpg
049IMG_9606.jpg 050IMG_9608.jpg
051IMG_9609.jpg 052IMG_9611.jpg
053IMG_9612.jpg 054IMG_9614.jpg
055IMG_9615.jpg 056IMG_9617.jpg
057IMG_9620.jpg 058IMG_9621.jpg
059IMG_9623.jpg 060IMG_9624.jpg
061IMG_9625.jpg 062IMG_9628.jpg
063IMG_9629.jpg 064IMG_9632.jpg
065IMG_9635.jpg 066IMG_9639.jpg
068IMG_9641.jpg 069IMG_9646.jpg
071IMG_9653.jpg 072IMG_9655.jpg
073IMG_9657.jpg 074IMG_9659.jpg
075IMG_9663.jpg 077IMG_9666.jpg
078IMG_9669.jpg 079IMG_9673.jpg
081IMG_9681.jpg 081IMG_9683.jpg
082IMG_9684.jpg 083IMG_9697.jpg
084IMG_9698.jpg 085IMG_9700.jpg
086IMG_9702.jpg 087IMG_9703.jpg
088IMG_9705.jpg 088IMG_9708.jpg
089IMG_9714.jpg 76IMG_9662.jpg
IMG_9408.jpg IMG_9410.jpg
IMG_9413.jpg IMG_9416.jpg
IMG_9423.jpg JV.jpg IMG_9425.jpg JV Race.jpg
IMG_9428.jpg JV.jpg IMG_9438.jpgJV.jpg
IMG_9440.jpg IMG_9443.jpg
IMG_9445.jpg JV.jpg IMG_9447.jpg
IMG_9459.jpg-.jpg IMG_9678.jpg080.jpg


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