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Chelan has an excellent group of cross-country runners this year on both the boys and girls team which will give the Goats a great chance to take the CTL title and attend the State Tournament.


Chelan harriers win dual meet against Omak

By Richard Uhlhorn


Every year it seems that the Chelan Goat Cross-Country Team reloads and comes out strong against all comers. This year is no exception. “We have a lot of depth on both the boys and girls teams,” said Coach Mark Anderson. “We are very good with our 1, 2, 3 runners.


On Tuesday, September 30, the team hosted a duo-meet with the Omak Pioneers at State Park. The weather was beautiful and excellent for running on the 2.4 mile course that takes the runners along the lake and into the park for a two lap excursion.


In both the boys and girls races, the Varsity and JV teams ran a combined race. On the boys side, it was Chase Anderson (12.24) finishing a full minute ahead of second place runner Raven Berman (13:28).


On the girls side, it was junior Gaby Guillen running a quick 16:05 on the day. She was followed across the finish line by Mari Schramm who ran a quick 16:21. Lyndsey Fox was third with a run of 16:37.


“Gaby is consistent and our team leader,” said Coach Anderson. “She’s a spirited runner, but Lyndsey Fox and Mari Schramm are added fuel to our team.”


Chase Anderson, Coach Anderson’s son, has won four of his five outings this year so far, the only loss coming from a huge, prestigious invitational at Shadle Park that included a lot of D1 runners.


The Caribou Trail League Championships will take place at the Chelan Municipal Golf Course on Thursday, October 23. In the meantime, Chelan’s XC team will be traveling to several Invitational meets around the state to ready themselves for the championships.


Tuesday, September 30th Results – State Park


Boys Race-Varsity and JV combined.


1st-Chase Anderson-12:24

2nd-Raven Berman-13:28

4th- Niles Desmarais-14:03

5th-Cyrus Desmarais-14:12

6th-Tyler Clark-14:27

8th-Jorge Maldonado-14:52

10th-Ian Wyatt-15:08

11th-Hank Burton-15:41

12th-Jesse Shockley-15:42

13th-Jake Ryan-15:55

16th-Mario Duenas-16:49

17th-Wes Field-17:16

18th-Josiah Hunter-17:19


Girls Race-Varsity and JV combined.


1st-Gaby Guillen-16:05

2nd-Mari Schramm-16:21

3rd-Lyndsey Fox-16:37

5th-Mirella Carreon-17:02

7th-Maddy Knaub-17:10

8th-Sarah Waskewitz-17:12

9th-Solin Castro-17:25

10th-Mireya Villasenor-17:27

12th-Cody Knaub-18:00

14th-Kari Clausen-18:51

16th-Alicia Dodge-20:11

18th-Jane Horlebien-21:06

20th-Madison Cogswell-23:03



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