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Senior Darby Jenkins and junior Mat Engstrom will see plenty of playing time for th e Goats this year.  Jenkins was high scorer in her first game with 7 points and Engstrom was tough all night under the basket for the Goats at the annual Basketball Jamboree last Tuesday.


Chelan basketball jamboree opens season for Goats

By Richard Uhlhorn


Both the Lady Goats and Goats had an opportunity Tuesday evening to put their game faces on against several other teams. Both Entiat and Brewster joined Chelan for two games each.


Lady Goats

The Lady Goats faced off with a scrappy Entiat Tiger team and found themselves in a battle that gave Coach Tom Robinson a look at what he will have to work on. The Goats were down throughout most of the 10 minute game, but eventually tied the game at 18 and ended up with a win 20-19.


Game two was a little tougher on the scoring end and Chelan ended up with a 9-3 victory over the Lady Bears.


Fans young and old turned out to

watch the Goats Tuesday evening.


After the game, Coach Robinson said, “It’s why you play jamborees. It gave us a look and now we have some things to talk about.” Robinson was very pleased with the intensity with which the girls played and said this coming Friday night’s game against the Eastmont Varsity will be a lot more intense.


Robinson sees Tonasket as the team to beat this year. “They have everyone back, so they will be tough,” he said. “Lake Roosevelt is definitely going to be a force in the league also.”



The boys showed a lot of speed and excellent ball control against the Entiat Tigers, finishing them off 21-6, but the game against Brewster was another story and Coach Joe Harris has some work to do.


Brewster won this 10-minute exercise 19-16 with some good shooting and great blocking on the inside that forced Chelan to the free throw line where they missed and missed and missed. “Free throws were definitely the difference in this game,” said one fan.


The one player who is going to definitely help the Goats win games this year is junior Mat Engstrom. He plays the inside game under the basket very well and is ready for those hard, fast passes from Joe Harris. Josh Burbery will also make the game work for the Goats this year.


Harris has other talent to choose from and while his starting five wasn’t quite sealed, by Friday evening when the Goats face off in Chelan against the Eastmont Varsity, the team should be ready.



            Brewster over Entiat 11 to 6

            Chelan over Entiat 20 to 19

            Chelan over Brewster 9 to 3


            Brewster over Entiat 18 to 3

            Chelan over Entiat 21 to 6

            Brewster over Chelan 19 to 16


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