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Members of Chelan High School Wrestling Team are willing and ready to help you with any chore you may have around the house, business or elsewhere.  They are dedicated, strong and honest and trying to earn money for a summer wrestling camp.


RENT A WRESTLER for a day or longer

By Richard Uhlhorn


This is the time of year when many residents need work done around the house. The obvious solution to getting this work done is to hire someone. Well… here’s an idea!


‘Rent a Wrestler’


The Chelan Wrestling Team is trying to raise money to send as many student/athletes as possible to wrestling camp from June 29 to July 2, in Leavenworth, Washington. In order to accomplish this, the athletes are more than willing to get out in the community and earn their way to the camp by working for YOU!


Each dollar earned by the individual athlete through the “Rent a Wrestler” program goes towards camp fees and registration.


To hire a strong, able bodied young man to help you with your chores, call or email Head Wrestling Coach Jay McGuffin at Chelan High School (509) 607-1969, mcguffinj@chelanschools.org, or contact Assistant Coach Randy McGuffin at Latte Da Coffee Stop Café (682-4196).

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