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The Chelan Middle School wresting program is 26 strong and these wrestlers all participated in a four school tournament held at Chelan High School/Middle School on February 27.


Chelan Middle School training future

Chelan High School wrestling champions

By Richard Uhlhorn


Twenty six Pirates had a chance to test their wrestling skills against four other middle schools who traveled to Chelan last week for a marathon wrestling tournament.


Three mats were spread out on the Chelan High School/Middle School gymnasium floor and the four schools wrestlers went at it for three solid hours.


“We have some really quality kids coming into our high school program next year,” said Chelan High School coach Jay McGuffin. “I’m really excited for our program. Middle School coach Ken Barnes is doing a great job. I think we’ll add seven wrestlers to our squad next year.”


“This is a great program,” said Barnes. “It keeps these kids busy and is developing some really good work ethic.”


Chelan’s wrestling program starts in the elementary school where Coach Randy Gleasman has been developing new wrestlers each year for the past fove years.


Chelan will host a young elementary wrestling match on Saturday, March 8, beginning at 10 a.m. in the Chelan High School gymnasium. “There will be over 200 kids wrestling this Saturday,” said Lisa Gleasman. “It should be lots of fun watching this younger kids.”


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