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Chelan High School Students were all in the Chelan Goat Green Zone as the official basketball season got underway in the Chelan Gymnasium on Tuesday evening when Manson and Pateros boys and girls came to town for the annual Basketball Jamboree.


It’s basketball season!

By Richard Uhlhorn


The basketball season began for Chelan, Manson and Pateros on Tuesday evening, November 27, as all three teams came together in the Chelan High School gymnasium for the annual Chelan Basketball Jamboree.


This venue gives each coach a chance to test his team against other teams in live action for 10 minutes. It gives basketball fans and parents a chance to see what their individual teams have to offer.


The 10 minute quarters started off with girls action featuring the Manson Lady Trojans against the Pateros Nannies.


Manson struggled against the aggressive Nannies, but in the end Manson’s Vetta Maynard ended this struggle with a three point shot to tie the game at 13-all. Coach Nikki Haerling has her work cut out for her this season with only seven girls on the varsity team and only two seniors playing.


The second ten minute quarter featured Chelan’s Lady Goats against the Pateros Nannies. The quarter of play showed Coach Dane Lewman that he still has a lot of work to do to get the girls in shape for the regular season. “We weren’t ready,” he stated after the his two quarters of play. “We have a lot of work to do.”


However, the Lady Goats are experienced basketball players. Izzy Barth, Alisha Love, Kristen Milliette, Kelli Bowers and Kim Harter will prove the Goats to be a very capable team this year. AnnAlise Nelson, up from last year’s JV squad also had a very strong showing and should see plenty of court time this year. Jamie Brunner and Darby Jenkins were on the sidelines for the jamboree, but will be suiting up soon.


Chelan outscored Pateros 15-6 and then went on to pour in the points against the smaller Manson Trojans to take that quarter 24-9.


Boys action began with Pateros beating Manson 15-7 and then Chelan coming out and putting on a scoring show against the Billygoats 18-6. Chelan dumped Manson 27-5 based on tons of basketball experience from a great program.


Manson’s new coach Kevin Medved has plenty of talent to work with, but he has plenty of work to with his team.


Chelan, on the other hand, comes to the court with three strong, experienced seniors in Brett Linehan, Cam Reister and Zane Sandum. Add sophomores Joe Harris and Mat Engstrom to this mix and you have a potent varsity squad that should give the Caribou Trail League plenty of action this season. Alex Brown, Jesse Juarez and Julio Juarez along with Tido Nunez also saw some quality playing time at the Jamboree. Derrick Tally was not suited up, but when he enters this mix of experience players, the team will add some speed in the front court. Sophomore Joe Harris at 6’3” is already an intimidating figure on the court.


All in all, it looks to be a great and fun basketball season for the Goat boys and girls this year. 


December schedule for boys and girls varsity action. Bold are games at home



Boys Varsity

Place Dismiss Depart Time

Tuesday 11/27/07 Jamboree

Saturday 12/01/07 Ellensburg (non-league) Away 2:30PM 7:30PM

Friday 12/07/07 Waterville High School (non-league) Away 2:30PM 2:45PM 7:30PM

Saturday 12/15/07 *Omak High School (League) Away 3:30PM 7:30PM

Tuesday 12/18/07 *Brewster High School (League) Away 4:00PM 7:30PM

Thursday 12/27/07 Christmas Tournament

Friday 12/28/07 Christmas Tournament

Saturday 12/29/07 Christmas Tournament



Girls Varsity

Place Dismiss Depart Time

Tuesday 11/27/07 Jamboree (Jamboree)

Saturday 12/01/07 Ellensburg (non-league) Away 2:30PM 6:00PM

Friday 12/07/07 Waterville High School (non-league) Away 2:30PM 2:45PM 6:00PM

Saturday 12/15/07 *Omak High School (League) Away 3:30PM 6:00PM

Tuesday 12/18/07 *Brewster High School (League) Away 4:00PM 6:00PM

Thursday 12/27/07 Christmas Tournament

Friday 12/28/07 Christmas Tournament

Saturday 12/29/07 Christmas Tournament


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