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Derrick Talley (No. 24) had a great running game against the Granite Falls Tigers. Statistics will be posted on rushing, passing and other stats as soon as GoLakeChelan can get them.


Chelan and Granite Falls play a crowd pleaser

Goats lose a heartbreaker in the last .05 second 50-47

By Richard Uhlhorn


As an opening exhibition game, the football fans from both teams had nothing but praise for the Chelan Goats opening football game on Friday, August 31, despite some the Goats loss, 50-47. “It was worth coming out to see,” stated Tracy Williams after the final play. Principal Barry DePaoli remarked that if he hadn’t seen it, he wouldn’t have believed that almost 100 points had been scored in this game.


Granite Falls turned what initially began as a 25-0 blow-out in the first quarter and opening of the second quarter for Chelan into a game by the end of the second quarter on a few fumbles and great plays.


Chelan opened the scoring with a Greg Schultz run from the six yard line after a sustained drive in the first three minutes of play. Granite Falls lost the ball to Chelan on their first play from scrimmage and set up Chelan’s next touchdown from 1 yard out by Steven Swinford to make it 13-0. The second attempt at the after point missed.


In the next round of offensive plays by Granite Falls, Swinford forced another fumble that was picked up by Matt Pittsinger and run in for the next touchdown to put Chelan up 19-0.


Brett Linehan, who had an excellent game on both defense and offense, scored the next touchdown on a 44 yard pass play from quarterback Zane Sandum early in the second quarter. With the score 25-0, the Goat fans were beginning to think this was going to be a ho-hum game, but oh how the tables can turn.


Granite Falls wide receiver Colby Peterson scored Granite Falls first TD on a 10 yard pass and then converted for two more points on another pass to put them on the scoreboard. Peterson then recovered a Chelan fumble in the backfield and ran that in for another TD which brought the score to 25-15. Granite Falls found themselves back on the goal line with only two seconds remaining in the half and scored again.


At the half-time whistle, that 25-0 blowout turned into a barnburner 25-22 matchup.


In the third quarter of play, Derrick Talley scored from the 3-yard line to take Chelan back out to a 33-22 lead, but by the end of the third, Granite Falls has struck again and the score was once again close at 33-28.


After a sustained drive in the fourth quarter, Granite Falls scored again and Chelan found themselves behind 33-36. They responded and Talley broke out of the backfield and ran 63 yards to score another touchdown for the Goats.


The entire team and coaching staff was absolutely stoked and ecstatic at this point, but that joy only lasted until the kickoff when Granite Falls kickoff receiver ran the ball 93 yards to take the Tigers back into the lead 43-40.


The game wasn’t over yet… Chelan, with 1:13 left to play took the lead back, scored the extra point and was once again in the lead 47-43. Granite Falls answered with another touchdown with only 29.8 seconds left and ended up in the lead 50-47 on a beautifully executed screen play.


The Goats did not give up. As Coach Talley commented earlier in the week, the team would play hard until the final buzzer. Well, they actually found themselves back on the 13 yard line with 0.05 seconds to play and Sandum threw a perfect pass to Linehan who would have caught the ball but was pushed for a Granite Falls pushing foul that the line umpire called inadvertent which gave Chelan one more attempt to win the game, but not from the 3-yard line for a 10-yard penalty, but from the 7-yard line for a 5-yard penalty.


There were some arguments from the sidelines about the call, but the call stood and Chelan, with the clock at 0, got off a running play with Derrick Talley almost scoring on a reverse, but the Tiger defense stopped him just short at the 3-yard line.


The Tigers ended up with the win 50-47.



Coach Kelly Linehan consoles his son, Brett after the game. Brett was stopped from catching the ball in the end zone with only .05 seconds remaining to play by a defender who pushed him. A foul was called and the Goats were given one more play, but it didn't result in the winning touchdown of this exciting exhibition game.





This game gave Chelan football fans a season to look forward to. The team has some real talent in its running game, passing game and total offensive look, but one thing is evident… the team is going to have to concentrate on its defense. If it weren’t for Brett Linehan in the defensive backfield, the score could have been much worse.



Goats vs Granite Falls - Season Opener
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