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Joe Harris is back at quarterback for the start of this year’s football season and with Derrick Talley at running back, the team should be formidable at offense. Evan Reister, who started at QB on the JV team proved that he will be a great backup to Harris. Friday night saw the entire Caribou Trail League at Sargent Field for the opening jamboree to this year’s fall football season.


CTL football teams lock horns at jamboree

By Richard Uhlhorn


Okanongan was the only school out of the entire Caribou Trail League wasn’t represented at Chelan’s Sargent Field for the annual Football Jamboree on Friday evening, September 6. One fan said, “I heard they didn’t have enough kids to field a team and are still recruiting.”


The rest of the CTL was on hand in force. With the exception of Brewster, each school has enough football players on their squads to field strong JV teams also.


On Friday, the varsity teams got the start with four teams on the field at once. Each varsity team was able to play opponents four times for 10 plays per opponent.


Chelan initially went on offense against arch rival Cashmere and then played two rounds of defense, one round against Brewster and another against Omak before taking the field again on offense against Lake Roosevelt whom they were able to score a touchdown against on a long run.


Overall, it was a chance for the teams to face CTL rivals and measure their mettle. In watching the teams play, it was obvious that Cashmere is going to be tough. Cascade and Tonasket also looked good. Chelan was right in the mix on defense and with each tackle got more fired up for more.




Defensively, the Chelan players were right on top of opponent runners with aggressive tackling.


On offense, Chelan has Joe Harris at quarterback and Derrick Talley at running back. This should be a formidable combination for the team this year. The line is huge and if Chelan can contain opponents at the line, they will do very well this year.


The JV teams also look good. Chelan started Evan Reister at quarterback and he had a tremendous run during offensive play that had Coach Darin Talley smiling.


All in all, it was a well run jamboree and all the schools had a chance to get some bugs out against rival teams.



Chelan will host Port Townsend next Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m.




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