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Senior Sean Gervais joined seven other Chelan wrestlers with a pin over Cascade's Markos Espinosa. The Chelan wrestling team almost scored a sweep over the Kodiaks save for one match.


Chelan is almost perfect against Cascade

in a 78-9 wrestling rout

by Richard Uhlhorn


“I have high expectations for these guys,” said Coach Jay McGuffin after the Chelan Goat wrestling match with Cascade. “They just keep meeting those expectations.”


On Thursday, December 6, the Chelan Goats not only met the coaches’ expectations, but made quick work of the Cascade Kodiak wrestling team. The only wrestler on the team to lose was sophomore Hank Burton (125 lbs.) and he fought one heck of a battle with last year’s second place finisher at the state tournament… Cascade’s senior Jake Luczynski in a 6-2 decision.


“That kid has been wrestling since he was a little guy,” said Bob Anderson. “For Hank to keep that match so close is good.” Luczynski came out and scored the first takedown for two points. Burton escaped for one point and only trailed 1-2. Luczynski scored another takedown and Burton escaped again to end the first round 2-4. Throughout the second round of action, Burton and Luczynski were never able to gain control of each other and it ended with the score still 2-4 in Luczynski’s favor.


Starting on the bottom at the beginning of round three, Luczynski swirled around for a reversal for two more points which is where this match ended up… 6-2 in favor of Cascade. It was the only match of the evening that Cascade won.


Outside of three forfeits and Burton’s loss, Chelan had a clean sweep with every match ending in a fall for Chelan.


The evening began with a fairly large crowd of wrestling fans and huge support from Chelan students supporting the wrestling program. First on the mat was freshman Memo Venegas in the 130 pound class against Cascade’s Ricardo Guzman.


Venegas scored a takedown and near fall right out of the box before Guzman scored on a reversal. Venegas reversed the reversal and the first round ended with Venegas in the lead 7-2. Venegas scored another near fall in the second round and then stuck Guzman for Chelan’s first pin of the night.


Junior Gage Schmidt (140 lbs.) took down Donato Medina and pinned him in the first round to add another six points to the scoreboard.


By this time, the fans were beginning to sense a huge victory over Cascade and started getting into the match.


Junior Tyler Allen (145 lbs.) came out and made small work out of Cascade’s Daniel Gonzalez with a fall in the early going of round one.


Junior Tyler Clark (152 lbs) faced off with Mitch Kraus and scored a quick takedown and near fall to lead the match 4-0. Later in the two minute round, Clark had Kraus on his back again, but the buzzer ended a certain pin to end round one 7-0.  In less than one minute of the second round, Clark scored a fall also.


The crowd was really getting into the match when senior Tyson McGuffin (160 lbs.) faced off with Genardo Rivera. By the end of round one, McGuffin had scored two takedowns and two near falls, allowing Rivera one point on an escape lead the match 10-1 at the buzzer. In the second round, McGuffin finished off Rivera for Chelan’s fifth fall of the night.


Senior Jesse Allen (171 lbs.) scored his fall over Adam Smith early in the first round and then Sean Gervais (215 lbs.) added to the scoreboard with his pin in the first period over Markos Espinosa.


Chelan had four forfeits to balloon the final 78-9 score over Cascade. Chelan forfeited the heavyweight match.


“I really like seeing the support the team is giving and the support of the fans,” said a happy McGuffin after the match. “I told these guys to set the pace… to be on the offensive and they are certainly doing that.”


On Saturday, December 8, the team travels to the Connell Invitational. On Saturday, December 15, they will wrestle at the Cashmere Invitational. The next home match will be on December 18 at 7 p.m. against the Liberty Bell Mountain Lions. Mark that date on your calendars.


The Chelan wrestling team is on a major, major roll early in the season and they should just get better and better as the season goes on.


Chelan vs Cascade
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