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Tyson McGuffin scores two points over Warden's Scott Phillips. Phillips, who placed at state last year, was ranked second in the state for this match, but McGuffin proved that it was going to be an exciting year for Chelan wrestlers when he helped the team beat the perennial powerhouse from the east side of the state.


Chelan opens its wrestling season with a

major 41-28 win over Warden

By Richard Uhlhorn


It was an incredible opening night of wrestling for the Chelan Goats. Coach Jay McGuffin was excited. “The team came out to wrestle tonight,” he said. And wrestle they did, beating perennial powerhouse Warden by a team score of 41-28.


“We had some huge matches tonight. It was fantastic,” exclaimed McGuffin who is in his second year as head coach of the Chelan team.


After giving Warden a two forfeit point advantage, Sean Gervais came out against Joey Massa in the 215 pound match, defeating Massa in a 7-2 decision.


Dillon Parker met up with Franky Jimenez in the 112 pound match. Jimenez last beat Parker at the State Championships in Tacoma last year by one point in overtime, so it was an unhappy Jimenez who ended up losing by a fall in the second round after Parker manhandled him to a 6-2 advantage.


Both Jose Lopez (119 lbs.) and Micah Hargrove (130 lbs.) lost to their opponents by pins, but Hargrove almost had a complete match time wise and battled hard to score points, ending up pinned in the third round.


Hank Burton had a forfeit on the evening.


Gage Schmidt (140 lbs.) faced Robert Pruneda and found himself at a 1-4 disadvantage in the first round, but came back in the second to pull with in one point of Pruneda. In the third round, Schmidt tied the match at 6-all by the buzzer and came out firing in overtime to win the match 8-6 with a two point near-fall. This was the match that tied the team score at 24-all.


The crowd mostly made up of parents and students were really beginning to get into the match and the dark gymnasium was getting noisier and noisier by the minute.


Steven Swinford (145 lbs.) came out against Lupe Landeros and ended up on the losing end of his battle 13-5.


With Warden back in front 28-24, the battle for dominance in this hard fought match got even better for the Chelan fans. Tyler Allen (152 lbs.) took on Jesus Martinez and by fall in the second round putting Chelan back in the drivers’ seat.


He was followed to the mat by Tyson McGuffin (160 lbs.) who went up against senior Scott Phillips who came into the match with an attitude and a ranking of second in the state. McGuffin, who stayed off the mat last year, but who wrestled at the state tournament in 2005, was not intimidated by Phillips.


Phillips scored on a funny takedown in the first seconds of round one, but McGuffin came back with a two point reversal to tie the match at 2-all by the end of the round. By the end of round two, McGuffin held a 4-2 advantage going into the third and final round. Starting down, Phillips scored two points on a reversal and then the match was stopped when Phillips put McGuffin in a dangerous move and almost dislocated his shoulder. Getting up at the whistle, Phillips gave McGuffin an unnecessary rough shove.


McGuffin came back from the down position and scored two points on a beautiful roll through reversal that had the crowd whooping and hollering. Then McGuffin put Phillips into a near fall position and won the match 9-4. Getting up, Phillips pushed McGuffin, and apparently stepped on his fingers. McGuffin got up and pushed Phillips and the referee saw it and took away a team point from Chelan, but McGuffin scored the important win and let the high school wrestling world know that he is back.


At 171 pounds, Jesse Allen took on senior Spencer Graham and won easily by fall in the second round after leading 5-0 at the end of round one.


It was up to Davey Anderson at 189 pounds to finish off the match which he did with a 5-0 decision over Jose Gonzalez, handing Chelan its first team win over the strong Warden team 41-28.


“I’m thrilled,” stated Coach McGuffin. Warden is consistently in the top five every year and to come out and beat them is fantastic.” McGuffin explained that the team’s goal this year is to bring home some hardware. “I know we won league last year, but to bring home hardware, we have to place fourth at the state tournament. So these guys are going to have to work. We will just keep getting better.”


If you’ve never been to a wrestling match, this would be the year to come out and watch this fine Chelan team. They are dedicated and don’t often get the attention that Chelan’s basketball teams do. However, many members of the girls and boys basketball teams were in the stands on Thursday night cheering their wrestlers on.


Chelan’s next home match will be on Thursday, December 6, against the Cascade Kodiaks in the Chelan gymnasium. The match begins at 7 p.m. 

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