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A high flying Katie McQuaid had the most consistent performance throughout the WIAA State Volleyball Tournament in the Yakima Sundome. In her first two matches she put down 17 solid kills and continued to block and hit well in the final match of the tournament.


Chelan competed with the best at state

By Richard Uhlhorn


The Lady Goats may not have ended up in a trophy round at this year’s WIAA State 1A Volleyball Tournament, but they played their hearts out in the toughest bracket at the tournament. “I’m very proud of the girls and what they accomplished this year,” stated Coach Donene Hendricks after Chelan was ousted in four games, 21-25, 22-25, 25-23, 18-25 against Cedar Park Christian.


Cedar Park went on to defeat Lakeside and take fourth place.


Chelan began play at 2 p.m. on Friday against the Stevenson Bulldogs, eventually defeating them in three games, 25-18, 25-20, 25-11. Chelan used its size and excellent passing, setting and spiking to win this match. “I thought we did well,” said Coach Hendricks. “We had some long rallies where we were able to keep the ball alive.” Hendricks went on to laud the Bulldogs for their ability to play hard despite their size.


The win put Chelan into the quarterfinals against one of the tournament favorites, Kings. The Knights were ranked as the number two team in the state coming into the tournament and were seeded first out of the Northwest Regional. Throughout the season the only team that was able to take a game from them was Archbishop Murphy. King’s Bianca Rowlan was a sight to watch. Rowlan has already been recruited to the U of W Husky Volleyball program and there was no stopping her hitting ability from the outside and back row.


In the opening game, Chelan quickly found itself down 0-12 despite receiving and passing well, setting well and attempting the kill shot. Kings huge front line of Rowland and Kailey Trautmann continuely shut down the kill attempt with blocks. Izzy Barth finally put Chelan on the scoreboard with a tipped ball to center court.


The first game ended up with Chelan losing 7-25 and if the Lady  Goats were going to have any success against this dominating team, they would have to seriously adjust their attack.


In game two, the Lady Goats found some success and kept the score within range forcing Kings coach Steve Bain to call a timeout when Chelan was threatening at 19-22 late in the game. During this timeout, Bain was heard telling his team, “Don’t freak out because we’re missing tips to the middle. Don’t worry about it… just go after them. Push, push, push,” he said. Kings ended up with the win 22-25.


In game three, Chelan once again proved that they could play with anyone by staying within one to two points of Kings throughout the entire game and at one point taking the lead 16-14. Eventually Kings got the upper hand and with the score at 20-21, Kings was able to put Chelan into the consolation round 25-22.


“Other than our first game, we played them well,” said Hendricks. Katie McQuaid led the Goats with 8 kills. Both Izzy Barth and Sydney Austin had 5 kills each. Barth and Kelli Bowers combined with 25 assists during the match. Katie had 2 blocks and Izzy had 3. She was also 10/10 at the service line.


In the back row, Amanda VanDiest had 12 digs and received 16 of 19 balls. “We weren’t prepared for them,” said VanDiest after the match. Barth said, “We just have to get up for our next match.”


Kings Coach Steve Bain stated that he knew Chelan would be a tough opponent. “I told my team that they would tip into the middle. It certainly worked for them. They are a good team who have improved all year.’


Chelan’s last match was against a very talented Cedar Park Christian who were the Emerald City District number 1 seed.


These two teams played well together, but the Eagles were able to best Chelan in game one 25-21 when Jamie Brunner, Chelan’s premiere outside hitter, had three consecutive kill attempts blocked by the Eagles, giving them an edge to the victory.


In game 2, Chelan was out in front most of the game, but ended up on the losing end once again 22-25 and found themselves up against the wall. Either win the next game or go home.


Chelan stepped up to the plate in game three and played a strong game against the Eagles to win it 25-23 on a sneaky tip by Izzy Barth.


Chelan was shut down in game four mostly because of unforced errors and minor mistakes which allowed Cedar Park to take the advantage and keep it for win at 25-18.


“Each team we faced on Saturday had terminating hitters,” said Hendricks in a post event interview. “When we blocked well, we stayed with them. We were solid, but our hitting was not consistent. Katie (McQuaid) was by far the most consistent player on our team this tournament.” Hendricks added, “You have to beat the best to be the best. I feel we played some of our best volleyball here that we’ve played all year.”


Chelan has always been a contender and after missing out on the state experience last year, this year was a special one for all of the players, but mostly for those seniors who have finished their high school volleyball careers.


For Alisha Love it was a sad ending to her volleyball career as she sat on the bench throughout the tournament with her injured ankle. Amanda VanDiest has an incredible tournament as did Katie McQuaid and Izzy Barth.


Now it is time to turn our focus on basketball. Practice begins this coming week.


Chelan at State

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