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Prior to the last League match of the year, the seniors on the volleyball team were honored by parents, teachers and fans for their efforts over the years as athletes and leaders at Chelan High School.  Amanda Van Deist, Coach Donene Hendricks Alisha Love, Izzy Barth and Katie McQuaid all posed for a photo before the game.













Izzy Barth pounded 12 kills in Chelan's last match of the regular season. Barth has been devasting to defenders trying to stop her kill shot.







Lady Goats run a perfect season and end it 14-0

By Richard Uhlhorn


The Tonasket Tigers came to town on Tuesday evening for the Goats last league match before heading off to the District Championships this coming Saturday in Leavenworth.


Chelan finished its regular CTL season with another win 25-14, 25-13, 25-14, losing zero matches all season.


This match was relatively boring to watch. Tonasket can put the ball in play, and they did, but the Tigers just didn’t have the gas to keep the Goats at bay. Izzy Barth slammed 12 kills to the floor and Katie McQuaid added another 10 kills to cap the game for the Goats. Other outstanding performances were put in by Sydney Austin, freshman standout, Jaicee Harris, Darby Jenkins, Amanda VanDiest, Jamie Brunner and Kelly Bowers. Alisha Love started the game, but still has a very tender ankle and sat on the bench most of the night


Serving was a sore spot for the Goats. Usually, Chelan is way up in the 90 percentile from the service line, but tonight they missed nine. “The girls know they can’t do that,” stated Coach Donene Hendricks. “It’s not good to miss that many serves.”


“We had some long shots tonight, but out passing was good,” said Hendricks.


District play begins at Cascade High School in Leavenworth on Saturday morning, but Chelan gets a first round bye. “We will probably take the court around noon,” she said.


Chelan will have to stay geared up to win District’s. Cascade is quite capable of giving Chelan a run for their money and with the home court advantage; the Kodiaks are coming to play. However, Chelan has been the only team to beat them this year and has done it twice.


Go Goats.


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