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Jaicee Harris, No. 3,  had a great night of volleyball against the tough Cascade Kodiaks. She had seven kills, five blocks and was 11/12 at the service line with one ace.

Cascade loses second match to Goats

By Richard Uhlhorn


After giving Chelan a tussle in their first match in Cascade, the Kodiaks came to Chelan on Tuesday evening with high hopes of winning the second match-up. Chelan entered the game undefeated in the Caribou Trail League and extended that record last night by beating the Kodiaks in three tough matches, 25-20, 25-15, 25-15.


“We played good all-around volleyball tonight,” said Coach Donene Hendricks. “I was scared when Izzy went down though.”  Izzy Barth, Chelan’s senior leader on the team went down with an apparent ankle twist, but popped back up, shook off the potential injury and continued to play.


Cascade (10-2 in league) faced a well oiled team in the Lady Goats. “We had some great blocking and the digs were crucial to this win. Cascade is a good team,” said Hendricks.


In game one, Chelan went out to a quick 7-1 lead before Cascade Coach Marni McMahon called a timeout. The timeout disrupted Chelan’s game and Cascade came back to tie the game at 12-all and then take the lead. Chelan was able to hold that lead down to only two points and Sydney Austin tied the game at 17-all with a kill. The Lady Goats went on to a 20-18 lead before Cascade called its second timeout. Chelan won 25-20.


With game two at 11-12, a Chelan pass receive hit the side court folded up basketball frame and came careening back into the field of play. Cascade, thinking they had one the point, stopped playing while Chelan dumped the volleyball into Cascade’s corner for a point and serve. Coach McMahon complained, but it was explained that the ball is in play as long as it is over the court and players bench, giving Chelan the serve. “This was all explained prior to the game,” said Coach Hendricks. “She knew it was a good play, but I told the girls to expect that and not get rattled.”


Chelan went on to defeate the Kodiaks in game two 25-15.


By game three, Chelan continued to play extremely well at the net and pass receive, i.e. digs, continued to shut down any chance that allowed Cascade into the game. The Kodiaks were able to tie the game up at 12-all, but then Chelan only allowed them two more points before winning this game 25-15.


“I expected us to go at least four games with them,” said Hendricks. “They are a good team.”


Cascade will probably be the team Chelan will have to defeat for the District Championship later in the season and as good as Cascade is, it could be a strong battle for that championship.


Chelan hosts Cashmere on Thursday evening beginning at 7 p.m. in the Chelan High School Gymnasium.




Jaicee Harris -  7 kills, 5 blocks, 11/12 serving with one ace

Sydney Austin – 6 kills, 4 blocks, 9 digs, 12/12 with one ace

Izzy Barth – 6 kills, 12/12 serving

Barth and Kelli Bowers – Combined for 25 assists


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