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Greg Schultz, No. 2, ran the ball back for an 84 yard kickoff return to help the Chelan Goats to a 47-7 win over the Port Townsend Redskins.


Goats skin Redskins 47 to 7 in football opener

By Richard Uhlhorn


By the end of the first quarter of play, the Port Townsend Redskins had seen enough of Derrick Talleyís running abilities. Talley recovered a Redskin fumble on their first possession and on the very next play, scampered 40 yards to the end zone for Chelanís first touchdown.


On Port Townsendís next possession, the Chelan defense held them and Talley took the fourth down punt and returned it 49 yards for Chelanís second touchdown.


Halfway through the first quarter, it was Greg Schultzís turn to score and he did it from the 15 yard line to take Chelan out front 21-0.


With 1:38 remaining in the first quarter of play, Joe Harris picked off a Port Townsend Pass and returned it downfield for 10-15 yards. On the next play, Talley ran the ball to the 14 yard line to signal the end of the first quarter.


With 11 minutes remaining to play in the second quarter, Chelanís Cole Sereano got the ball and took it in for another Goat touchdown.


For the rest of the first half, it was a back and forth tussle between the two defenses, until Talley, with 1:53 remaining to play in the first half, broke loose for a 60 yard touchdown to end the half with Chelan sitting in the drivers seat at 34-0.


Greg Schultz opened the third quarter with an 84 yard kickoff return to further demoralize the Redskin squad.


Finally, the Port Townsend team looking at a shutout, put together a sustained offensive effort and finally put the ball over the end zone for a touchdown to take the score to 40-7.


With 9 minutes remaining to play, quarterback Joe Harris scored on a 36 yard keeper to give Chelan a 47-7 lead which is where the game ended.


Port Townsend came out with a passing game, and Chelan effectively shut that down. When the Redskins tried to run the ball, the Chelan defense quickly stopped that effort. The only play that seemed to work was a short, quick pass that was good for about five yards, but the Redskins just couldnít sustain any kind of offensive pressure.


Chelan looked good in this opener. The Goats finally have a line that is big enough and aggressive enough to stop opponentís running game. The Chelan secondary is quick enough to nail any runner that might get through the front line.


On the offensive side, this year should be a good one for both Derrick Talley and Greg Schultz. They both have the speed and agility to have a tremendous impact on Chelanís running game. Add Cole Soreano to the mix and Chelan has a potent offense. At quarterback, Joe Harris has the height and strength to pass the ball accurately. When Chelan needs it, their passing game should come in handy.


GoLakeChelan will post the statistics as soon as we receive them.


Chelan travels to Tonasket to take on the Tigers in the first CTL League game of the season.


From Coach Talley we have this added summary:


A statatistic and coaches report on Friday's game:


A beautiful way to start out the new 2008 football season on a wonderful day in September.  Because of the great distance Port Townsend had to travel we played our game on Saturday afternoon much like a college atmosphere with the sun blazing as our Chelan kids came out to play.  We talked about setting the tone of the game early and establishing ourselves on the line of scrimmage and living up to our potential.  We did that in the first and second quarters of this game and led 34-0 at halftime.  We talked about the fact that Port Townsend has a rich football heritage that many of our coaches know personally, with Nick Snyder and Phil Harvey having played at PT, graduated at PT, and then coached after college at PT.  Darren Talley coached at PT and Steve Stamps married Shelly Carter who graduated from PT.  Shelly's dad was the principal at PT.  All these connections just made the game that much more intense and fun at the same time.  Our kids responded well to the challenge of playing PT who had beaten their opponent Coupeville soundly 37-14 the week before.  PT was a 2A team the past two years and is now the 5th largest 1A school in our State this year. 
On offense our line of scrimmage opened some terrific holes for our running backs who took quick advantage, with Derrick Talley rushing for 39 yards and a score on the second play of the game.  Then, it was time for our defense to show off it could stop a potent PT offense from the week before.  They did and forced PT to punt after it's first possession of the game, which Derrick Talley took to the house, with a 50 yard punt return for the second touch down of the game.  On the next offensive possession it was Greg Schultz's turn to get in on the great blocking by Doug Ramsey, Sean Gervais, Quin Courtney, Will Nielsen, and Colter Courtney, with a 25 yard scoring run and after with Julio Juarez third straight perfect conversion kick the score was quickly 21-0 with 5 minutes to go in the first quarter.  At the very beginning of the second quarter it was Cole Soreano running hard for 5 yards and another touch down in the red zone.  At the end of the 2nd quarter it was back to Derrick who broke loose for a 60 yarder and his third touch down of the day.  Julio Juarez extra point kick was good putting the score at 34-0.  To start the second half off with a bang Greg Schultz took the opening kick off 84 yards on the opening play to pay dirt and six points moving the score to 40-0.  Sharing the wealth of open holes by our line and wide receivers great blocking up front QB Joe Harris ran 36 yards for the final Goat touch down of the day, and Julio Juarez extra point was good giving the Chelan Goats 47 points for the day, and allowing our younger athletes almost all of the 4th quarter to learn about playing a varsity football game on a warm Saturday afternoon.
Our defensive line swarmed the QB all night long, and the linebackers and defensive backs were stellar holding PT to only 50 yards rushing for the game.  The pressure on the Port Townsend QB led to 5 interceptions although one was called back, because of penalty.  Five interceptions in one night is absolutely amazing and a great start of the year for our defense. 
Defensive stat leaders were:
Greg Schultz 7 solo and 2 assist tackles.
Davey Anderson 7 solo, 4 assist tackles, and 1 QB sack.
Will Nielsen 6 solo tackles.
Cole Soreano 5 solo, 2 assist, 1 ball knock down, 1 interception
Joe Harris 4 solo, 1 assist, 1 interception
Julio Juarez 3 solo tackles
Derrick Talley 2 solo, 1 assist, 1 interception
Rhett Beauregard 1 assist, 1 QB sack, 1 interception
Gage Schmidt 1 QB sack
Sean Gervais 2 solo, 4 assists
Reece McClelland 2 solo, 3 assists
Brooks Gatzemeier 2 solo, 1 assist
Adam Hendricks 2 solo
Aaron McQuaid 2 solo
Ryan Sargent 2 solo
Matt Pittsinger 1 solo, 2 assist
Tido Nunez 1 solo, 1 assist, 1 ball knock down
Matt Peterson 1 solo, 1 assist
Doug Ramsey 1 solo, 1 assist
Quin Courtney 1 solo, 1 assist
Cole Schwartz 1 solo
Special teams were special with blocking up front to allow Derrick Talley a 50 yard punt return for a touch down, and Greg Schultz and 84 yard kick off return for a touch down.  Coverage on our two punts and coverage on our kick offs went just like it's drawn up.
A truly fun game to get our team focused for the rest of the 2008 season and leading us perfectly into an expected tough game at Tonasket next Friday night at 7:00pm.



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