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 JUST IN: Coach Talley shouldn't have been ejected, his assistant coach should have been ejected from the game. According to WIAA rules, the coach the infraction is against is the one who is ejected, not the head coach.





Brett Linehan scored Chelan’s only touchdown against Tonasket on a pass from quarterback Zane Sandum in the third quarter of play. Linehan compiled 72 yards of pass receptions in this game.


Chelan loses playoff chance

By Richard Uhlhorn


The Tonasket Tigers played some serious football last Friday night, beating Chelan 30-7 and eliminating Chelan’s chances of a play in the post season. “Our hat is off to a hard fighting playoff bound Tonasket Team,” reported Coach Darren Talley. “We wish them all the best as they crossover vs. the NEA (1A Spokane).”


“The team did play well except for the start of the game,” said Coach Talley in a telephone conversation.


Chelan’s defensive backs, Greg Schultz, Brett Linehan and Derrick Talley held Tiger QB Timmerman to only one pass completion in the game forcing Timmerman to tuck the ball and run. “We did such a good job covering their wide receivers and forcing Timmerman to run that he was able to rush for 48 yards on three carries and two touchdowns,” wrote Coach Talley. Chelan’s middle linebackers were too close to the line and couldn’t clear and sweep initially stated Talley. “For the rest of the game, we contained him very well, holding him to only six yards on four carries.” One of those carries resulted in a two yard quarterback sneak for Timmerman’s third rushing touchdown before the first half ended.


“We had some great defensive stops by our leading tacklers of the game,” reported Talley.  Derrick Talley had 13, Danny Zavala had 12, Davey Anderson came up with 10 and Greg Schultz had 8 tackles.  “We just weren't consistent enough in the first half to stop a very good running attack by Tonasket.”


Offensively, Chelan had strong running performances by Danny Zavala averaging 6.25 yards up the middle per carry. Derrick Talley averaged 9.15 yards per carry for the night.


Quarterbacks Zane Sandum and Joe Harris each completed four passes during the game. The leading receiver was Brett Linehan with 72 yards on four catches including a touchdown. Sophomore Brooks Gatzemeier had two catches for 35 yards, and Greg Shultz had one catch for four yards. 


Chelan’s Special Teams have become more and more consistent as the year matured.  Our two kickers had to adjust to very strong wind conditions and did it with ease.  Our PAT/Field goal kicker Julio Juarez was perfect for the night on his kickoffs, and his one PAT attempt.  Jamie Guerrero did a super job punting especially when he had to try to keep the punt low into the strong wind.  He had never worked on that prior to the warm-up before the game. 


Coach Darren Talley was ejected from this game in the latter part of the second quarter when an assistant coach argued with the call with two referees. Three penalty flags were thrown for face interference when a Chelan’s defensive back, Greg Schultz, batted the ball away from a Tonasket receiver. The referee called a face mask penalty.


The third flag was thrown against the assistant coach. While no foul language was used, arguing with a referee over a flag on the field never helps an already tense situation. The WIAA rules state the head coach shall be ejected from the game immediately upon a second flag regardless of which coach the infraction occurred against.


Head Coach Darren Talley and his whole staff apologize for this incident, and will do their best to never have it happen again.



·         OFFENSE – Greg Schultz – 8 yds rushing, 4 pass receptions; Joe Harris – 4 completions on 11 attempts for 57 yards; Zane Sandum – 16 yds rushing, 4/8 passing for 50 yds and one TD; Derrick Talley – 119 yds. on 13 carries; Danny Zavala – 25 yds. on 4 carries; Brett Linehan – 72 yds. on four pass receptions; Brooks Gatzemeier – 35 yds. on 2 pass receptions.

·         DEFENSE – Greg Schultz – 5 tackles, 3 assists; Davey Anderson – 6 tackles, 4 assists; Zane Sandum – 1 assist; Matt Pittsinger – 1 tackle, 1 assist; Derrick Talley – 10 tackles, 3 assists; Luke Laughlin – 2 tackles, 3 assists; Danny Zavala – 8 tackles, 4 assists; Gage Schmidt – 1 tackle, 1 assist; Jaimie Guerrero – 4 tackles; Brett Linehan – 1 tackle; Kramer Cannon – 3 tackles; Cody Olsen – 4 tackles; Will Nielsen - 2 tackles, 1 assist; Mat Engstrom – 1 assist

·         SPECIAL TEAMS – Julio Juarez – 2 kickoffs for 80 yards; Derrick Talley – 1 kickoff return for 25 yards; Danny Zavala – 1 kickoff return for 14 yards; Jaimie Guerrero – 2 punts for 68 yards.

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