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Quarterback Zane Sandum had a great game against Brewster, running the ball well on the option and pulling down two huge interceptions in a hard fought battle that had Brewster winning in the last moments of the game.


Goats fall 10-15 against Brewster in last seconds

By Richard Uhlhorn


It was a rough Homecoming night for the Chelan Goats as they ended up losing to the Brewster Bears in the last 18 seconds of a well fought football battle. With 11:53 to go in the game, Chelan took the lead away from the Bears when Julio Juarez kicked a 34 yard field goal. The Goats held on to this slim 10-9 lead until the last 18.6 seconds when Brewster’s Austin Benson scored on a quarterback sneak from the 1-yard line.


Brewster was able to disrupt the Goats defense in the last minute with some excellent pass receiving that took the ball downfield from about the 50-yard line.


This game began with Brewster marching down field, but were unable to take the ball in, which force a field goal attempt to lead 3-0. This lead lasted until the second quarter when Chelan scored to take the lead 7-3.


Brewster came back in the third quarter and retook the lead with only 2:45 remaining. Their after point attempt failed which allowed Chelan to come back and take the lead with a field goal. Brewster was trying to move down field, but Zane Sandum intercepted a pass and Chelan once again tried to push the ball downfield. Unfortunately, Brewster got the ball back with very little time left and ended up with the final score to end the game with a 15-10 victory over the Goats.


Coach Darren Talley reports that the Goats special teams were a real strong point to Chelan’s success against Brewster. “Brett Linehan gave our offense good field postion on his great punt returns,” said Coach Talley. “Coulter Courtney did a great job long snapping to Jaime Guerrero on punts. Jaime averaged 35 years per punt putting Brewster’s offense deep down field to start their offensive series.”


Julio Juarez nailed a 34-yard field goal to put the Goats in the lead early in the third quarter. Offensively, Cody Olsen and Will Nielsen controlled the line of scrimmage for most of the night. “We also had good blocking on the edge by our wide receivers Brett Linehan and Mat Engstrom,” reported Talley. “We also had hard running up the middle by Danny Zavala and some good running on the outside by Derrick Talley and Sam Sydloski-Tesch along with a very good job of running the quarterback keep on option by Zane Sandum.”


“In the first half our offense was moving the ball at will, with only ourselves getting in the way on several miscues.  After half time we started out again moving the ball well, but late in the fourth quarter Brewster led by one of the best linebackers in the league Gabe Webster made some good stops forcing us to punt, when we needed to continue to run the clock down.”


Danny Zavala, Davey Anderson, Zane Sandum, Derrick Talley, Jaime Guerrero, Luke Laughlin, Greg Schultz, Mat Engstrom and Reece McClellan all had a great defensive game on tackle. “Our defense had one of its best nights of the year until the last 19 seconds of the game,” said Talley. “Up to that point in the game, our defense had held a very potent Brewster offense to under 60 yards of total passing and 58 yards of rushing.” 


“Our goal for the last two games is to win out, which will put us in fourth place and a crossover game vs. the #1 team from the NEA for a potential playoff spot in the post season.  We know we have the potential to play some great football and our goal is to put four quarters together that show it,” states Talley.


GoLakeChelan is still waiting for the MaxPreps statistics. As soon as we have them, we’ll post them.

Chelan - Brewster 2007 Homecoming
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