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Brett Linehan (42) and Derrick Talley (24) took it to the Liberty Bell Mountain Lions Friday night when the Goats defeated the Mountain Lions handily 57-14 of the excellent quarterbacking of Zane Sandum.


The crowd was loving it at the football field last Friday night as the Goats rocked Liberty Bell 57-14.


Chelan back on track with 57-14 win

over Liberty Bell

by Richard Uhlhorn


It didnít take long for the Chelan Goats to march down field and score their first touchdown of the night against the Liberty Bell Mountain Lions this Friday, September 21. Chelan needed a big confidence builder after losing to Cascade last week. Liberty Bell handed them one as the Goats came away with a resounding 57-14 win.


Led by quarterback Zane Sandum, Talley and Linehan gave the fans a great show.


Look for the complete story on Monday when the final statistics come in.


Chelan vs LIberty Bell
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