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The Chelan Cross-Country Team competed in the CTL league championship on Thursday, September 18, with the Lady Goats winning it all and the Goats running well enough to take third place against strong competition.


Lady Goat XC team nails down league championship

By Richard Uhlhorn


“I thought the kids ran the best race of the entire year,” stated a happy Coach Mark Anderson. “I didn’t think the boys team would even be in contention, but they ended up only seven points off first place.” 


“The girls just crushed the opposition. Gaby (Guillen) got up front and just hammered away,” Anderson said. Guillen finished second with a time of 18:22 and Mari Schramm was right behind Gaby for a fourth place finish with a time of 18:26. In sixth place, Lyndsy Fox came across the finish line in 19:58 followed by Sara Waszkewitz finishing in ninth place at 20:24. Coco Mendoza followed in 11th with a time of 21:12 and Beth Wold finished in 19th at 21:46.


The combined finishes and times were good enough for the Lady Goats to nail down the Caribou Trail League Championship on what was a cold and rainy day. Fortunately, the rain held off during the championships, but it was still chilly.


Chase Anderson led the varsity boys with a third place finish behind Sam Pierson and Daniel Mellenberger, both of Cashmere. Anderson’s time was 16:30. Tyler Clark was 10th with a time of 17:18 and Alex Peer finished in 15th with a time of 17:41. “I’m pleased with my time and run,” stated Peer after the event. Jesse Shockley came in 18th followed by Ian Wyatt in 23rd and Hank Burton in 28 with a time of 18:32. “Hank ran a great race for us,” said Anderson. “Tyler Clark ran a great race as our number two man on the course.”


Next Thursday, the cross-country team heads to Chewelah for the Regional Championships. “We will be up against the number one rated boys team in the state,” said Anderson. “Lakeside won the state championship last year.”


The following week, the State Cross-Country Championships will take place in Pasco, Washington.


Alex Peer's take on the cross-country league championships


Kicking off the meet were the JV boys.  Leading the way was Jacob Cleveland, placing 9th.  Wesley Field was the next runner to come in, as he battled Andrew Jenkins, who came in shortly after. 

            The next race was a combined JV-Varsity girls race.  Alisha Long took 1st place in the JV race.  Solin Castro came in 6th place in the JV race, followed by Cody Knaub who placed 8th.  In the Varsity race, Gabby Guillen placed 2nd, barely falling short of the league title.  Following close behind was Mari Schramm, taking 3rd place.  Only two places behind, Lindsey Fox kicked it in and took 5th place.  Sara Waskewitz held on tightly to her 8th place position, and Coco Mendoza placed 10th.  Beth Wold and Maddie Knaub both ran hard and strong.  The girls’ team won the league title with a score of 28 points.

            Finalizing the meet were the Varsity boys.  Chase Anderson was Chelans’ leader, placing 3rd.  Tyler Clark ran an excellent race, and took 8th place.  I ran to my fullest potential, and came in at 12th place.  Jesse Shockley ran really hard, placing 15th.  Hank Burton had an outstanding race, and placed 19th overall.  Ian Wyant also ran well, and placed 21st.  The boys’ team placed 3rd in the league.  Our score of 57 was only 7 points behind Cashmere and Lake Roosevelt


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