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The Chelan Softball team celebrates its only run of their first Regional game against Colfax. The run was walked in at the bottom of the ninth inning with the bases loaded and two out.


Lady Goats win thriller against Colfax

By Richard Uhlhorn


Chelan’s 1-0 victory over the Colfax softball team in Regional play came in the bottom of the ninth inning when Kim Harter stepped up to the plate with two outs and the bases loaded. Harter, who is Chelan’s big hitter had specific instructions at the plate.


“I told her to not swing at any pitch unless it was hittable,” Coach Jeff Barker stated after the game. Harter didn’t. She stood at the plate while Falcon Sadie Lazzarini tried desperately to get Harter to bite. Lazzarini ended up throwing four balls walking Alisha Love in for the only run of the game.


It was a definite pitching battle. Both Harter and Lazzarini pitched their hearts out. It was Harter’s finest pitching effort this season. She pitched the entire game, throwing a one hitter with no walks and 16 strikeouts. After the game, Harter, who had a bag of ice sitting on her shoulder, said, “I love the heat. The hotter it is the better I like it.”


One parent/fan sitting behind the plate said that the Falcon batters were missing Harter’s pitches by six to 12 inches. “They just couldn’t find the ball with the bat.” The one hit went directly into Harter’s glove and careened out towards third, but that was the only runner Colfax put on all day.


Chelan played tremendous defense behind Harter. Catcher Anna Pickett threw out every attempt the Falcons made to steal a base and Kilee Lippincott sparked Chelan’s defensive effort with an incredible, full out dive catch in center field early in the game.


Jamie Brunner and Alisha Love contributed to that defense with some fine defensive plays at second and short.


Offensively, Chelan’s first chance to score came in the bottom of the fifth inning when Lippincott bunted her way onto base followed by two more runners. With only one out, Harter stepped up to the plate and popped up an infield fly which was caught. Lippincott tagged up and made a run for home and was put out at the plate by the Falcon catcher.


Several more times during this game, Chelan had opportunities to score. “We had a lot of opportunites,” said Barker. “We just couldn’t string out hits together.” Chelan was making contact with the ball, producing a number of foul balls and soft grounders or short fly balls which is an indicator of how tough Lazzarini was from the mound.


Chelan’s bunting game worked really well against the Falcons and the Lady Goats ended up with seven hits against Lazzarini who was keeping the ball up and in against the Goats.


It was in the ninth with the bases loaded that Lazzarini threw the four balls to walk Love in. “This was a tough, gutty win,” said Coach Barker. “We now face Lakeside (Lakeside defeated Omak 7-1) on Saturday at noon.” This game will be played at Sterling Field and should prove to be a good one. Lakeside was the NEA’s League Champions this year and took third place at the State Tournament last year.

If you are interested in attending this game, drive into East Wenatchee and turn left at the 7-11 store, head up the hill. You will see Sterling Field on the right side. There is plenty of parking and the cost is $5 per adult.

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