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Dane deQuilettes (left), Kelli Bowers, Dan Campbell and Cam Reister qualified at the Regional Golf Tournament to play for the State Championship in Bellingham next week. Both deQuilettes and Bowers are defending state champions.


deQuilettes and Bowers win Regional Golf Tourney

Campbell and Reister qualify for State Championship also

By Richard Uhlhorn


The 12 teams from around the region faced the Regional Golf Tournament at the Lake Chelan Municipal Golf Course under cool, cloudy skies which were threatening rain.


 “I like playing golf in the rain,” quipped defending state champion Kelli Bowers as she waited her turn to tee-off on the front nine.


The boys started first with Danny Campbell, this year’s District Champion, leading off in the first flight. Campbell, who beat defending state champion Dane deQuilettes for the District championship in Leavenworth last week, was back in form on Tuesday against some very, very good golfers from around the region and ended up coming in fifth overall with a 75 for the 18-hole par 72 Chelan course.


“Danny is finding a way to get the ball in the hole right now and score,” said Coach Jim Oscarson. “He knows that is his strength. He has something to prove this year.” Last year Campbell missed going to the state tournament by one stroke.


It was defending state champions Dane deQuilettes who held the day Tuesday against all comers. He ended up with the Regional Championship shooting a credible 2-under par 70. “On the eighth hole, Dane told me he was really close. I told him to just be patient… the birdies will come,” said Oscarson.


On the back nine which has Chelan’s toughest holes, deQuilettes went into 15 on par and birdied it. “This is the fourth toughest hole on the course,” said Oscarson. deQuilettes shot a birdie on 16 and barely missed birdies on 17 and 18. “He was 10 feet away on 18 and just barely missed the birdie,” said Oscarson.


“Dane is patient and he knows the birdies will come. He will be up against some pretty solid golfers at the State Tournament next week. We just have to worry about what we are doing,” said Oscarson.


Cam Reister finished the day in 19th after shooting a little “wildly” on several holes. He was able to make the cut for the State Tournament (the top 22 on Tuesday qualified). “Cam made the turn to the back nine only 3-over par,” said Oscarson. “He’s been hitting the ball a little wildly but is chipping and putting well. He has a long ball so we are going to work on giving him a side so he can keep the ball in play.”


According to Oscarson, that will be the key for Reister in Bellingham next week. “They all have a lot of hurdles to deal with,” said Oscarson. “Graduation, where they are going to college. It’s my job to get them to have fun because they all have the skills.”


On the girls side, Kelli Bowers was medalist, shooting a solid 80. Based on her performance and the scoring, Bowers also brought home the team trophy. “That was a decision made by the AD. State (championship) regulations require at least two girls play to make up a team.”


Gracie Schory from Chewela was six strokes off Bowers to take second place. The two played together. On hole three, I watched the two sink 25 foot putts, but Bowers shot a three on that hole while Schory shot a four. “Gracie is the one girl who made a move on Kelli at the State Tournament last year in the second round,” said Oscarson. “There will also be some good golfers challenging Bowers from the west side at the State Tournament.”


Checking the weather for Bellingham next week shows cloudy with a chance of light showers for the State Tournament. “Whatever it is, we have to play in it,” stated Oscarson. “We are playing on the same course as last year, so some of those jitters the kids had last year won’t be there this year. They been there and played the course, so they should be comfortable.”


Oscarson will be keeping GoLakeChelan updated on a daily basis from Bellingham.


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