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Senior Brett Linehan takes the hand-off from Sam Sydloski-Tesch in the 4 X 100 meter relay at Tuesday’s track meet against Omak, Tonasket and Lake Roosevelt. The boys won that event.

Goat track team tops Omak, Tonasket and LR
by Richard Uhlhorn

At Chelan’s last home track meet on Tuesday, April 22, the boys and girls teams came away with victories over the teams from Omak, Tonasket and Lake Roosevelt, reported Coach Greg Griffiths.

Prior to the beginning of the track meet, Chelan Seniors Cody Olsen, Brett Linehan, Sam Sydloski-Tesch, Luke Laughlin, Alex and Katelyn Peer, and foreign exchange student Marita Benavente of Peru were honored for their participation in the Chelan athletic program.

Individual winners from the boys team included Luke Laughlin in the 100 meter dash, Chase Anderson in the 800 meter run, Sam Sydloski-Tesch in the long jump and freshman Matt Pittsinger in the javelin.

Chelan’s 4 X 100 team of Tesch, Laughlin, Cole Soreano and Brett Linehan were winners in that event. The 4 X 400 team of Tesch, Laughlin, Soreano and Alex Peer were also winners.

Sydney Austin won both the 200 meter and 400 meter dashes along with anchoring two winning relays on the day. Katelyn Peer won the 100 meter dash.

Sarah Waszkewitz finished first in the javelin throw.

The girls won all three of the relays. Freshmen Cody Knaub, Casey Canavan, Waszkewitz and Samantha Moser were the winning team in the 4 X 100 relay. Sydney Austin, Katelyn Peer, Darby Jenkins and Maddie Knaub who filled in for an injured Jaicee Harris powered the other two relays to wins.

The next outing for the Goats will be the Quincy Invitational on Saturday, April 26 followed by League and District Championships in the weeks that follow.

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