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The parking lot at Don Morse Memorial Park was turned into 3-on-3 basketball courts for the 10th year in a row and 77 teams came to challenge their respective age groups.


Heat doesn’t hamper weekend events

By Richard Uhlhorn


By any stretch, this past weekend was hot. Just ask anyone who came to Lake Chelan to play in the 14th annual Lake Chelan Slam ‘n Jam 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament.


According to organizers Stacy Henry and Mike Haerling, 77 teams signed up this year to play a little 3-on-3 in the Don Morse Memorial Park parking lot.


Over the years, this event has been held downtown on Emerson Street in 1994 and 1995, but then moved to the parking lot at the ball fields before the venue was changed to Don Morse Memorial Park where it has been successful for approximately 10 years.


This year, the high school coaches brought out a number of Chelan boy and girl athletes to help work the scoring tables, monitor games and perform set-up and tear down duties as required..


Many teams plan their summer vacations in Lake Chelan around this tournament. Each year, between 75 and 80 teams will show up ranging from little kids to the open division where the college and high school kids battle it out on the center court.


Parents and kids sought out any shade they could find at this year's Lake Chelan Slam 'n Jam as the temperatures began approaching 100 degrees.


When the temperatures rise to that magical level of 100 degrees and the temperatures on all that asphalt can go even higher, it is not surprising that the players enjoy running down to the lake after competing to cool off.













Lake Chelan became the cooling off place for many of the kids, parents and basketball players at this year's Slam 'n Jam.



Slam ‘n Jam Results


The 3-on-3 meet director, Mike Haerling, has provided GoLakeChelan with the results of last weekend’s tournament as follows:


In the Mens Open. The team Not Good Lindy featuring Chelans own Calin Shell and John Mitchell defeated Swoobs 15-13


6 foot and under winners were Swits 15 v Bulldogs 10


Coed division winner was Tri Again 15 v Tootsie Roll 14


Mens 18  winner is Watts 15 v Q-Town 7


Mens 16 winner is Chelan Eagles featuring Aaron McQuaid and Bronson Louie 15   Monroe 10


Mens 14 winner is Dream Team 15 v Berenstain Bears 11


Mens 12 winner is Stanwood 15 v Sons of Psychos 13


Womens 18 winner is Whoop Donkeys 15 v Pink Gansters 14


Womens 16 winner is Sumner Ballers 15 v Lake Elite 13


Womens 14 winner is Petty Thieves 15 v Cyclones 13


The Lake Chelan Recreation Association and the City of Chelan Parks Department would like to thank the following backboard sponsors:


Slide Waters, Chelan Fresh, Lake House, Apple Cup, Chelan Booster Club, Midtowner, McQuaid Construction, Wilbur Ellis, Coldwell Banker, Grandview, Best Western, Shaw Plumbing


This year’s Court Monitors included:


Cody Belcoff, Nikki Haerling, Wade Simmons, Andrew Jenkins, Kyle Engstrom, Jim Burbery, Josh Burbery, Derrick Talley, Josh Rogge, Kim Harter, Kelli Bowers, Joey Harris, Peter Larson and Steve Wilson


The scoring table was manned by Jean Haerling, Jennifer Collins and Jeannie Easley


LCRA Events Coordinator was Stacy Henry and the Tournament Director was Mike Haerling.


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