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Young wrestlers from around the region went to the mats in the Chelan School gymnasium for the annual Youth Wrestling Tournament featuring over 200 kids and their excited parents.


200 young wrestlers compete in Chelan

by Richard Uhlhorn


Thirty five young Chelan wrestlers from a three year old to 12 year old sixth graders hosted 200 young wrestlers from around North Central Washington at the Lake Chelan Valley Youth Wrestling Tournament.


The Chelan youth wrestling program is run by wrestling coach Randy Gleasman and a host of volunteer helpers. At the tournament, six matches were being held at one time and each match was refereed by Chelanís varsity wrestlers. Middle school and high school students also helped man the timing/scoring tables. Chelan High School and Middle School coaches on hand included Jay McGuffin, Randy McGuffin, Ken Barnes and a number of parents who also helped organize and run this event.


Then there were the parents and teammates shouting encouragement to the young wrestlers. All in all, it was another example of how Chelan and other communities around North Central Washington are helping to develop strong wrestling programs.


Following are the Chelan participants and how they finished at the tournament.


1st Place
Quinn Stamps
Juan Garcia
Asa Schwartz
Ty Schwartz
Angel Hernandez
Bobby Anderson
Kate Gleasman
Christian Zacher
Gunner Gleasman
Logan Oules


2nd Place
Matt Barnes
Jose Padilla
Dane Schwartz
Julian Buyas
Victor Flores
Mason Walters


3rd Place
Justin Buyas
Luke Gleasman
Brandon Short
Lexie Gleasman
Owen Oules
Jaiden Buyas
Kyle Short
Reed Stamps


4th Place
Clayton Kimsey
Isacc Montalvo
Damian Chavez
Devon Lodolce


Jonathan Trujillo
Jesus Rodriguez
Shenoa Snyder
Wyatt Groseclose
Isabell New
Oliver Ellingson


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IMG_3482.jpg IMG_3488-Randy-Gleasman.jpg IMG_3489.jpg
IMG_3492.jpg IMG_3493.jpg IMG_3495.jpg
IMG_3497.jpg IMG_3498.jpg IMG_3499.jpg
IMG_3500.jpg IMG_3501.jpg IMG_3505.jpg
IMG_3508.jpg IMG_3511.jpg IMG_3512.jpg
IMG_3513.jpg IMG_3514.jpg IMG_3516.jpg
IMG_3517.jpg IMG_3518.jpg IMG_3519.jpg
IMG_3520.jpg IMG_3521.jpg IMG_3522.jpg
IMG_3523.jpg IMG_3524.jpg IMG_3525.jpg
IMG_3526.jpg IMG_3527.jpg IMG_3528.jpg
IMG_3530.jpg IMG_3531.jpg IMG_3532.jpg
IMG_3533.jpg IMG_3534.jpg IMG_3535.jpg
IMG_3536.jpg IMG_3537.jpg IMG_3538.jpg
IMG_3539.jpg IMG_3540.jpg IMG_3541.jpg
IMG_3542.jpg IMG_3543.jpg IMG_3545.jpg
IMG_3547.jpg IMG_3548.jpg IMG_3549.jpg
IMG_3551.jpg IMG_3552.jpg IMG_3553.jpg
IMG_3556.jpg IMG_3557.jpg IMG_3558.jpg
IMG_3559.jpg IMG_3565.jpg IMG_3566.jpg
IMG_3568.jpg IMG_3569.jpg IMG_3570.jpg
IMG_3571.jpg IMG_3572.jpg IMG_3573.jpg
IMG_3574.jpg IMG_3575.jpg IMG_3576.jpg
IMG_3577.jpg IMG_3578.jpg IMG_3580.jpg
IMG_3581.jpg IMG_3585.jpg IMG_3588.jpg
IMG_3589.jpg IMG_3591.jpg IMG_3592.jpg
IMG_3593.jpg IMG_3594.jpg IMG_3595.jpg
IMG_3596.jpg IMG_3597.jpg IMG_3599.jpg
IMG_3600.jpg IMG_3602.jpg IMG_3603.jpg
IMG_3607.jpg IMG_3608.jpg IMG_3609.jpg
IMG_3610.jpg IMG-1380-81merged.jpg

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