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Chelan runner Chase Anderson made the 1600 look easy after running it in about 4:45 on a cold and windy day in Chelan.


Chelan track athletes survive cold spring weather

By Richard Uhlhorn


Spring… it can bring warm sun and the promise of a long summer, but it can also be cold, windy and miserable. That’s what the weather delivered on Thursday, March 27, as Waterville, Brewster and Manson came to Chelan for its opening track meet.


The results of this track meet will not be available until after Spring Break, but GoLakeChelan felt it was important to share the photographs taken on this sunny but cold day.


Chelan won’t host another track meet until April 22 when Tonasket, Lake Roosevelt and Omak come to town for a serious CTL meet. By then, the weather should be a little warmer for the athletes.


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IMG_4275.jpg-Katelyn-Peer.jpg IMG_4279.jpg-Coach-Greg-Gri.jpg IMG_4280.jpg
IMG_4282.jpg-Sarah-Waszkewi.jpg IMG_4284.jpg-Pittsinger.jpg IMG_4288.jpg
IMG_4289.jpg IMG_4290.jpg IMG_4292.jpg
IMG_4293.jpg IMG_4294.jpg IMG_4295.jpg
IMG_4296.jpg-Julie-Pittsing.jpg IMG_4297.jpg IMG_4298.jpg
IMG_4304.jpg IMG_4305.jpg IMG_4307.jpg
IMG_4310.jpg IMG_4311.jpg IMG_4313.jpg
IMG_4315.jpg IMG_4319.jpg IMG_4321.jpg
IMG_4322.jpg IMG_4328.jpg IMG_4329.jpg
IMG_4332.jpg IMG_4334.jpg IMG_4338.jpg
IMG_4340.jpg IMG_4342.jpg IMG_4346.jpg
IMG_4348.jpg IMG_4350.jpg IMG_4351.jpg-Hank-Burton.jpg
IMG_4358.jpg IMG_4359.jpg IMG_4361.jpg
IMG_4365.jpg IMG_4367.jpg IMG_4369.jpg
IMG_4375.jpg IMG_4376.jpg IMG_4386.jpg
IMG_4389.jpg IMG_4391.jpg IMG_4397.jpg
IMG_4399.jpg IMG_4403.jpg IMG_4406.jpg
IMG_4407.jpg IMG_4409.jpg IMG_4411.jpg
IMG_4413.jpg IMG_4418.jpg IMG_4421.jpg
IMG_4425.jpg IMG_4429.jpg IMG_4439.jpg
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