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Freshman Jacob Przespolewski had his first league pin against Tonasket’s Trevor Jensen during Chelan’s match against the Tigers.


Chelan wrestlers dominate Tonasket

By Richard Uhlhorn


“I really just did not expect to dominate Tonasket like we did tonight,” said Coach Jay McGuffin after the Chelan Wrestling team defeated the Tigers 45-15 in league action. The win continues Chelan’s dominance of the Caribou Trail League as they move towards their second consecutive league title. “Frankly, I was nervous about Tonasket after wrestling them at their Invitational,” McGuffin said. “These guys came out and competed at a high level. I told them before the match that they had a huge crowd and to give them a show.”


Out of the 13 matches contested, Chelan had only three wrestlers on the losing end. After coming home from the Rainier Invitational with hardware, the team really had the crowd cranked up fro some action and they delivered.


The evening began with sophomore Dillon Parker at 119 pounds against a strong Tonasket senior, Jake Munsey. By the end of the first round, the match was tied at 4-all with both wrestlers scoring back points. Munsey got an escape in the second round to gain a point, but Parker came back with a reversal to go one point ahead. He scored on another reversal at the end of the second round. Going into the third Parker was ahead 8-6, but before it was over he scored three more back points in a near fall to win the decision 11-6.


At 125 pounds, Hank Burton pinned Riley Buzzard in the opening minute of his match.


Micah Hargrove scored a takedown in the first round for a 2-0 lead and then scored two more points on a reversal in the second round to win a tough decision against Peter Williams in the 130 pound class.


At 135 pounds Memo Venegas got caught on a takedown and was pinned by Tonasket’s Trey Jensen in the opening round giving Tonasket their first points of the match.


In the next match at 140 pounds Joes Garcia took Lee Leavell through three rounds of takedowns and back points, but Garcia just couldn’t get the fall and ended up with a 15-0 superior decision.


Gage Schmidt (145 lbs) had one of the toughest matches of the evening against Kevin Cruz. Both juniors were pretty equally matched up and Cruz seemed to be cruising for a win in the opening round with takedown points and a two point near fall to take the lead 4-1 over Schmidt. Throughout the second round, Schmidt couldn’t get an advantage and it looked like he might lose the decision. Cruz was still leading going into the third round 4-1, but with Schmidt starting on the bottom position he was able to score a two point reversal to draw within one point of Cruz 3-4. Towards the end of the match, Schmidt scored three more backpoints on a near fall to win the decision 6-4 much to the delight of a very noisy crowd.


Tyler Allen (152 lbs) moved up to this classification from 145 pounds and ended up losing the match 7-0 to Andrew Grillo who is one of Tonasket’s toughest and most experienced wrestlers.


Tyson McGuffin moved back to 160 pounds from 152 and took on freshman Keegan McCormick, a Tonasket wrestler who bears watching down the road. “We were told he was tough,” said assistant coach Randy McGuffin before the match. McGuffin, a senior, seems to always get the fans going with his quickness and moves. There isn’t anything on the mat that he doesn’t do well. In the first round, McGuffin scored a quick takedown and near fall to go into the lead 4-0. In the second round he scored on two more takedowns, allowing McCormick, who never stopped battling, one escape. McCormick was determined not to be pinned and battled McGuffin right to the end of the match when McGuffin won a 11-1 major decision.


Jesse Allen (171 lbs) battled it out with another tough freshman Tonasket wrestler, Brandon Hudson. The two were not able to score any points throughout the first round. Allen received one point for an escape and another point when the referee called stalling on Hudson to end the second round ahead 2-0. In the third round, Allen was called on a dangerous hold giving Hudson his only point of the match. Allen scored back points at the end to win this match4-1.


At 189 pounds Davey Anderson came out against senior Rafael Padilla and scored a takedown and near fall to end round one ahead 4-0. In the second round, Anderson scored on an escape, two more back points and finally pinned his opponent.


Sean Gervais (215 lbs.) had a forfeit in his classification so he moved up to the heavyweight class to take on a state ranked Josh Brazil. Both wrestlers battled through the first two rounds with neither getting much advantage over the other. At the end of round two, the score was 1-2 in favor of Brazil. It was in round three that Gervais found himself cradled and pinned. Afterwards, Gervais said, “I just wanted to wrestle.”


The weight classification moved down to 103 pounds which had freshman Jacob Przespolewski taking on Tonasket freshman Trevor Jenson. Przespolewski scored first with a takedown and had Jenson in a nearfall position but the ref didn’t award any back points to the groan of the crowd. By the end of the first round, Przespolewski was ahead by 2-1. In round two, Przespolewski found himself in a tenuous position of almost getting pinned, before turning the tables in round three and winning the match with a pin.


Jose Lopez ((112 lbs) took on Corbin Mirick and scored a takedown and then pin in the first round of action to end the evenings match with Chelan dominating the young Tonasket team.


The Tonasket coach was shaking his head afterwards but said he hopes to get a few wrestlers to the state tournament. “We are young, but they are a pretty talented bunch.”


Chelan’s last home match will be next Tuesday, January 22, against the Lake Roosevelt Raiders. This should be another great match and it is also senior night for the Chelan seniors; Tyson McGuffin and Jesse Allen.

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